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Apparently a few Internal issue's with SongKong

Every single error with this statement “Unable to read file from filesystem:” songkong moved the file to it new home:

From report 7 and 8
Example error message:
Unable to read file from filesystem:/music/ORIGINAL/PMedia - not assigned/Music/Marilyn Manson - not assigned/DMX & Marilyn Manson - The Omen.mp3 Unable to find:/music/ORIGINAL/PMedia - not assigned/Music/Marilyn Manson - not assigned/DMX & Marilyn Manson - The Omen.mp3

Example output
songkong created a folder called “Killer Wasps The Real Ultra Rare Tracks (Compilation)” and changed “DMX & Marilyn Manson - The Omen.mp3” labeled to “13 - The Omen (feat. DMX) (Ft. DMX)” (I don’t get why it created 2 Feat and Ft. statements…) and placed to that folder. So how/why is it displaying this error? Sound likes an internal issue going on as how did it create the folder move/label the file and delete the old folder?

Another as there a few of these as well:

What does …could not execute statement mean? I.E.
Unable to save changes: /music/Desert Planet/Turbo Tellytunes/03 - Fumbler (Cartoon Movie Theme).mp3 could not execute statement

Songkong created this folder and moved the song here:
\Desert Planet\Turbo Tellytunes

So what save function is it trying to execute?


Along with the other issue internal issue I sent to you with Report 5 last week

I think somehow some songs are getting processed twice, so the first time song is processed correctly (and gets renamed/moved), second time round because the file has been renamed from the original it complains and you get the file not found error, have raised bug -

These issues are now all resolved in 7.3 or7.3.1.