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SongKong renewal

Hello, I have just renewed my Licence and cannot ‘see’ my music files on my Mac (OS 12.4). I use a Melco N10 and changed from a Naim ND555 to a dCS Rossini. Grateful for any help so I can actually use SongKong on my Mac.

I need more details Im not really what you mean, did you used to be able to see your music files

Note you have two choices:

  1. Use SongKong running on the Melco via web browser on your Mac at http://ipadress:4568
  2. Install SongKong on Mac itself and run on desktop, you can mount your Melco music files so visible to your Mac (and therefore SongKong) by following these instructions

Hello Paul,
Yes I was previously able to see the music files on my Mac and go through the ‘fix songs’ process. I can see SongKong listed but when I try to open the files I can’t access them.

Hi, see last reply are you doing 1 or 2 ?

Paul, I have freshly installed SongKong on my Mac using 2 and the server duly appeared on the Mac. I can’t open the files on the server however as It rejects my user name and the ‘nobody’ password. Can’t get beyond that. Please confirm my SongKong user name and password. Apologies for this.

Hi, If you mean connecting your melco drive to mac then you use username nobody and password nobody . This is a Melco thing and has nothing to do with SongKong

OK Paul, all sorted now. Thanks

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