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Songkong not taking Case sensitivity into account with metadata

Songkong still creating duplicate folders due to not taking into account case sensitivity letters in the data stored in metadata

Using the example from the screenshot:

Before and after songkong processing:

Artist: Blink-182 Title: Bored To Death

Values apparently listed for MusicBrainz:

Artist: blink-182 Title: Bored to Death

Songkong left the B in Blink and the T in To capitalized. It appears Sonkong is only checking if the spelling matches and not updating the name/labels when case sensitivity is encountered. If Songkong is using Title/Artist/Album fields to create the folder structure then shouldn’t this match as well?

Okay I looked at this before but couldn’t work out the issue, I will have another go -

Should now be resolved - SongKong 7.2 Cassadaga released March 8th 2021

Not really seeing this fixed. Here is a few examples after running 7.2:
example 1
example 2
example 3

To provide an example of why this matters:
As I stated in the other thread I am using MusicBrainz Picard to try and fix various songs metadata that songkong isn’t able to find/fix itself.
Here is a view from Picard when I try to open a same labeled folder:

Here is an example error Picard is reporting:
pic error message

Here is 2 folders that songkong created for Billy Joel:

There is no The River of Dreams (album version).flac song in this folder:
The River Of Dreams (single)

It is in this folder:
The River of Dreams (single) <-- lower case o in of

I can only assume because this software is running on my windows box it is trying to pull the file info from this folder:
The River Of Dreams (single) <–Capital O in Of which the file it is looking for does not exist in this folder

If I manually change one of the folders label (say The River Of Dreams (single) to The River Of Dreams (single)1) then Picard is able to access both folders contents. So the question remains why do I have to manually fix what SongKong created in order for another program to access the folder(s)?

This isn’t the only software I am running on this folder that is having issue’s accessing songs in folders that are essentially using the same name.

a side note:
Could SongKong be improved to fix this one as well & = and?
example pos1.1

Okay I thought you were using Docker, okay the windows logic is case-insensitive, I can easily change that check to be case-sensitive but I though there was a reason why it had to be case-insensitive. Is the issue only for files not actually on the Windows machine, i.e remote drive, or would you expect this behaviour for local windows files as well.

The files are located on a docker / linux box which is servicing my other device I.E. my smart TV to play music in other room, my windows box in other room. etc…

Okay, so I will look at this but isnt the solution to your problem is to run SongKong in docker ?

SongKong is running on my Unraid server as a docker. The Unraid server is running as a headless unit so I manage it remotely using a web GUI for both the Unraid server itself as well as SongKong

Can you send your support files please.

Hrmm going to be hard to do so as it had crashed/stopped working 3/4 of the way thru. The images above is what it had accomplished before it crashed

Shouldn’t matter you can restart and the logs will be there, your screenshots are useful but dont show what SongKong is doing behind the scenes.

And I still dont quite understand what is happening here so seeing the report would help. Lets try again
so taking one of these pairings are you saying that one folder already existed then SongKong created the other folder, and that SongKong is running on docker but the folders are on Windows, and Picard is running on Windows ?

file is sent:

SongKong is running on docker
Music folder is located on the Unraid server (which is linux based) serving everything in my house
Picard Is running on windows

Isn’t the core of problem simply that Unraid is case sensitive so allows two folders to exist with same name except case, but Windows is not case sensitive and therefore when you try and access from Windows you can only see the first folder when you have two folders with the same name except case.

So in this respect SongKong has done nothing wrong, but you want to know why it has created two folders with different names, if the folder is a different variation of the same artist name I would think it is just because you have unchecked

Use standard Artist Name instead of the name on the cover on the Format tab

and similarly for album names you have unchecked

Use standard Release title instead of title displayed on cover

Or am I missing something ?

Lets break this down:

Moved all my music files to the _Original folder to see what would happen (again) and fired up SongKong

Waited nearly 5 mins for SongKong to be available using web page (Will work around that)

  1. Made only 3 changes to the options:
    Use standard Artist
    Use standard Track
    Simplify non-standard character

  2. Click Start and let it run thru the night.

  3. Got up and checked on status and no surprise SongKong crashed/stopped working again (Will work around that)
    -really liked how the web page was still running and it was reporting that somehow the “Songs matched to Discogs release” value far far exceeded the number of songs it actually loaded…

4a) Checked out the folders it did create
-Artist folder
–From the quick glance there appears to be only 1 folder that was duplicated but
–As I had stated in the other thread I now have quite a few folders in foreign languages example:
was: Knut Reiersrud Band Trondheim soloists
now: Knut Reiersrud Band Trondheimsolistene
was: Germany is looking for the superstar
now: Deutschland sucht den Superstar

In the other thread I stated specifically my final fantasy collection that was converted to either all kanji/Hiragana/Kana (artist, album, and song) and you suggested I unselect Use standard Artist, Track, and release to get English equivalents

-I will work around this issue


4b) Album folder = the heart of the matter
Despite the fact the option Use standard Track title on this run SongKong is still created 2 folders with the same name in the Billy Joel folder:
The River Of Dreams (single)
The River of Dreams (single)

And it is not just this folder:
Wings of Tomorrow
Wings Of Tomorrow

Johnny Cash:
Hymns by Johnny Cash
Hymns By Johnny Cash

Picard is not able to access the files in those folder
PowerDVD is only able to ‘see’ one of the folders
VLC is only able to access files in the other folder and at random times


“Or am I missing something ?”

As a user I am not grasping why this is so hard to check if a folder already exists don’t create another.
I really don’t get why it matters where SongKong is running from or where the files are stored at…

Nearly ever report I sent you I have ‘Use Windows compatible characters in filesnames’; doesn’t matter if data is store on a Linux box, MAC O/S, Synology, etc… In my mind by checking that box I acknowledged that in some shape or form a Windows box or Windows based software will be used to manipulate the files in some shape or form. That SongKong is going to try and maintain compatibility and not just file name but also folder structure.

On my slow Unraid system it only takes a few seconds, maybe it was recreating database from crash last time. I have not looked at your crash from last time as that was not the point of your post but I will have another look, are you still running multiple apps at the same time if so can you try stopping them to see if that resolves the crash.

Okay I couldnt recall that, if there is an English alias it should prefer that as long as Romanize non-Latin script artist names wherever possible is enabled, however there isnt one for these artists. You could add to MusicBrainz

and that will get picked up SongKong but not immediately, but at least that did fix the AlbumArtist folder issue did it not ?

You need to use Use standard Release title instead of title displayed on cover not Use standard Track title instead of title displayed on cover, the one you have used is for the individal tracks on the release not the release itself.

As already explained this is because you are accessing files on a linux machine from Windows and Windows is not case-sensitive. Its not a bug for SongKong to create names that are valid for the system it is running on, but I think we can extend Use Windows Compatible Characters Option as detailed at the end of this post.

That just isn’t how it works, SongKong creates a new filename mask and folders as necessary based on the filename mask you provide,adjusting to deal with max lengths, duplicate names and Windows compatible characters depending on options. Existing folder names are not a consideration, this would not normally be a issue since filenames created are perfectly valid for linux. If we ignore the Windows issue I don’t think it would be right to reuse an existing folder name that nearly matches the mask but doesn’t because of case rather than create the correct name. Not least because you may be running SongKong to correct those folder names so they properly match the metadata, also difficult to do because of the parallel processing nature of SongKong.

Right, well that it not what the option does or what it says it does. However I did have the thought myself that maybe it would be good to modify the case insensitive nature check if the option is enabled -

2 posts were split to a new topic: Song Crashing during Rename

I believe this is now fixed with - this should also reduce resources required during Save, should be a new release tomorrow.

Now fixed with SongKong 7.2 Schmilco released March 15th 2021