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Song Crashing during Rename

I have looked at your logs and it seems to be in some kind of loop trying to continually rename the same files,

I cannot work out why this is happening so I will be shortly uploading a new docker version of SongKong 7.2 that I will need you to install and retry to help pinpoint the issue.

Okay, so I have already uploaded a new of SongKong 7.2 for Docker, this will not fix the issue but it will hopefully give me the additional information required to fix the issue, please install as follows:

  • Stop existing SongKong container
  • Delete SongKong container
  • Delete SongKong image
  • Redownload SongKong image
  • Start container
  • Run Fix Songs to generate error
  • Run Create Support Files to send me logs and reports

Although it has same version number, you can confirm you have new version by checking the About menu item. The new version will say Build Date 10/03/2021 or later whereas the original version will say Build Date 08/03/2021

You should have received my support files as I stated in that message 1st run stopped ran around 10 mins before stopping and it did generate a report complaining it could not contact musicbrainz. Ran fix again this time watched it for 30 mins before going to bed. When I checked it this morning the web page stat page was blank on what it had accomplished. So I don’t know what happened here as the only time it does that is when I restart SongKong the web page will refresh and blank out the data but the web page itself isn’t useable. I just close that window and start a new one.

To answer your question from the other thread. The only process that was running is SongKong. I closed out all other docker processes.

If you really are looking into fixing the Docker build version please fix the following:

  1. SongKong -> Admin -> Empty Log Files

Crashes SongKong nothing really else to say

As i stated in the other thread as I watch the config folder; SongKong successful deletes the following file extendsion .lck (there’s 2 of them) and nothing else. When I look at what is running in the docker SongKong is no longer running at this point.

  1. SongKong -> Admin -> Empty Database

Even thou SongKong reports ‘Database recreated successful’ as I am watching various folders under Prefs. The only thing it seems to be doing is changing the ‘Date modified’ field for the following files:
the 3 .db files under database
the .lock file under EhCache

The actually file themselves remain unchanged. So for example started with a size of almost 15 gigs after clicking Ok. After running Empty Database that file remained almost 15 gigs.

I have found that as this file gets larger and larger when I attempt to start up SongKong in docker it is taking a long time before SongKong web page is available. At one point I had to wait over 10 mins before the web page was useable. But once I manually deleted (which was over 50gigs at that time) starting up SongKong was almost instant. I get that with constant use there will be some delay but 5 to 10 mins is gettinge excessive.

So the only options under ‘Admin’ that actually work is
Delete Reports


  1. SongKong -> Upgrade -> Reports no longer available

Apparently every time SongKong is updated/patched instead of updating/appending/modifying the reports.html file it is instead replacing with a new one which means SongKong no longer has a listing of what reports were available.

Looking at the html code in the past the only main difference 7.1 vs 7.2 for example was this line: SongKong v7.2 Cassadaga Docker (Pro). Couldn’t this line be called out to another file instead or on first run after a patch SongKong scans and populates the reports.html with what reports are available?

Hi, I looked at the logs and everything just stopped at 14/03/2021 01.00.59:EST there were no errors. SongKong is written in Java so I think at that point the Java JVM just crashed, now this should just not happen regardless of my code so it points to a bug in Java JVM itself. I dont have my unraid system to hand but there may be a log called hs_err_pid.log where pid is the process id somewhere, could you
have a look.

On Qnap Docker this works fine, so unclear why it wouldnt work on Unraid Docker.

That is excessive, but seem to indicate your setup is vastly underpowered, I cant help but feel that since nobody else has reported such problems that these crashes are due to your hardware. Unraid is often used because it can be used with a variety of drives including old hardware, is this the case for you. Maybe it would be pragmatic to try using SongKong on Windows ?

But I will tryout SongKong on unRaid tommorow.

We could probably be cleverer here, but no-one have ever complained about this before, the fact is the reports are only usually looked at for a few days after their creation if at all, so it isnt really a problem for customers.

Okays seems to be an issue raised

This is working okay for me, so not sure what the problem is.