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Songkong not matching tracks, even with re-match enabled

Yeah, it seems there is some bug here, maybe related to restricting the list on linux installs, I will get to it very soon, please be patient.

Okay Im trying it on Docker myself and the problem I am seeing is slightly different to yours. For me Im seeing that when i set the Preferred Deletion Criteria (Im putting Most Songs in Same Folder as third) order that is what is used and shown in the report created.


The problem is when I start Delete Duplicates again it has then resets to the original list.

So clearly a problem but would be helpful if you could configure Delete Duplicates as you want it then run in preview mode (so doesnt do anything) on a few folders and see if it does work with the preferred deletion criteria list you provided after all, and shown correctly in Options page of the report or not.

Then I know if I have replicated your issue, or if there is another issue that I have not yet replicated.

Okay I think I have fixed the issue, for now I have just rebuilt the 8.7 Pod Docker image and re-released it (Build Date in About now says 24th November 2022 instead of 23rd November 2022) I tried it out myself and it works for me, let me know how you get on.

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Cool ! I was gonna make the check you asked before but I’ll simply update the container then. :slight_smile:

Added to SongKong 8.8 release