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SongKong 8.8 Transformer released 10th January 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 8.8 Transformer


In this version we better handle busy times on the albunack server, preventing SongKong from giving up too easily when there is only a temporary issue.

We also fix a few significant issues.

There were some problems with some settings if using the Remote Web UI on Linux or Docker, and a problem with the Naim data parsing for the newer Uniticore servers when they didn’t store tracks in track order

Release notes - SongKong - 8.8


SONGKONG-2369 Increase timout period to account for temporary period when albunack server overloaded


SONGKONG-2373 In RemoteUi if enable isIgnorePreviouslyCheckedFiles you cannot disable it again through UI

SONGKONG-2374 meta.naim files used by UnitiCore for Wav files may not list tracks on the album in track order

SONGKONG-2375 On Docker DeleteDuplicates always starts with same list of preferredcriteria each time you start it

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