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SongKong for QNAP arm32

Hi - Any plans or schedule for SongKong updated version for QNAP arm32 processors?

(maybe I just need instructions how to upgrade, I have “latest” installed in Docker).

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I had a problem with the arm32 build procedure so we are a few versions behind, now that I know it is actually being used I will get this fixed.

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Is the new version available now for arm32?

Sorry not done yet, thanks for reminder.

I have just released SongKong 7.5 for the other platforms, and I have prioritised trying to get the arm version working tomorrow.

@ulf SongKong 7.5 has just been built for arm32, please give it a try.

Thank you, will install it on Wednesday next week.

Just pulled the new version. Something seems to be wrong with the config/start command, the following was logged:

/bin/sh: /opt/songkong/ not found

And the container stopped immediately.

Okay, sorry it built okay but when I tried to create a container (so before actually running it) from image it didnt do anything, since I never really use by Arm based Qnap Nas I just assumed it was an issue with my nas.

Now that i look at the Dockerfile I realize the arm32 one is based on Java 8, but we have long since moved to Java 11 only and hence the file is no longer there. Now what I need to do is make like but the starting images need to be 32bit, maybe difficult since Java 11 is officially only for 64 bit.

Okay I have done a new build I am struggling to test it for reasons I don’t understand, please give it a go to see if it works.

Unfortunately because I cannot find an Alpine image as base for Arm with java 11 I am using Centos instead and this makes the image twice as large as this, looking for a solution to this but more important is whether this new image I have built actually works.

I’m away now. Will test again on Wednesday.

Managed to pull the new image now. Large… Got the following error message:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for 1945600KB object heap

My host seems to be a bit constrained? Or can the heap limit be lowered (assuming it is Java-env heap).

Added -Xmx1G to … It is starting now…

debuglogfile is:/songkong/Logs/songkong_debug%u-%g.log
userlogfile is:/songkong/Logs/songkong_user%u-%g.log
Updating from 1113 to 1131
Adding addClassical() Javascript functions
Adding toTitleCase() Javascript functions
Modifying year mask:AlbumArtist - Album (Year)/Track - Artist - Title
Modifying year mask:VA - Album(Year)/Track - Artist - Title
Modifying iTunes Mask:[ iTunes ] AlbumArtist/Album/Artist - Album - Track - Title
Adding IsClassical Masks
Adding PreferredDeletionCriteria
Copying new
songkong:remote dbinit
songkong:remote started

Will do some testing soon. However, what should the proper max heapsize be?

Yes because currently docker file based on underlying centos linux rather than alpine linux because could not find a jdk11 docker image based on alpine.

For Docker is set to use -XX:MaxRAMPercentage=60 which I understood to mean 60% of available memory so should not be an issue, but I know Docker can be a bit funny about the relationship between the physical and virtual so maybe that is the problem here. Usually SopngKong should not need more than 500mb, so 1G will be plenty.

Glad to see that is has started okay, so that is the main thing.

Did a Fix song scanning with some updates. Ran into completion much faster than the older version! Also the interface seems more responsive. Run time decreased from several hours (like 20, don’t remember) down to 30 minutes! Great.

I will investigate a few minor errors, I suspect wrong files/file-types (that’s user errors).

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The only errors logged (12 of them) looked like this:

2021 Aug 10 13:20:23

Row was updated or deleted by another transaction (or unsaved-value mapping was incorrect) : [com.jthink.songlayer.CoverImage#MZP21hcD8YiTRQxCXWZ7Dg==]

Otherwise everything else seems to be fine.

Okay, that is a minor error that can occur sometime, okay great.

Hi Paul, reusing this thread… Is the QNAP arm32 port upgraded to version 8?

BTW. The only error I’ve encountered in the previous version was “export log to Excel”. The result is empty (filesize = 0).

Sorry no not done, i will get it done next week, dont know about the Excel issue would need more information.

I’ll try to elaborate the error: After running fix songs, then when the Report dashboard i displayed - Select menu “Show metadata as spreadsheet” (translated from Swedish) . The resultning file is downloaded but empty and can not be opened, instead an error-message box is displayed (Windows, Excel) “Invalid file or format”.