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SongKong and Jaikoz says internet connection is down and can't connect

When I try to run Fix Songs SK hangs for a few minutes and then gives the message

Blockquote Possibly your Internet connection is down or you have lost your wifi connection…

However, my internet is fully functional and works normally outside of SK. I thought maybe this was a firewall issue so I turned off my firewall and that didn’t work.

The error section of the report says “Problem accessing MusicBrainz Server Server Unavailable”
So i tried unchecking “Search for a MusicBrainz match” but that didn’t work either.

I’ve also posted on the Musicbrainz forum but have not heard anything back.

I tried SK on another machine, and the exact same thing happens. I’ve restarted my router, checked all network settings, and tied connecting from a mobile hotspot with a different IP, everything looks fine, but nothing works.

Edit: On Mac 10.14.6

The same with Jaikoz

Albunack does not find the artist

Hi. musicbrainz and discogs lookups dont go directly to these services but albunack instead.

The Albunack search runs on Amazon Web Services and the server seems to have crashed I tried to redeploy a new instance but unfortunately the installer instance seems to use Python 2.7 and support has been withdrawn by Amazon

Its not clear to me if the crash was due to the Amazon change or if the crash was for another reason and the Amazon change is simply preventing redeployment. But I dont directly use Python so hopefuly will be relatively easy to resolve.

But unfortunately redeployment has failed, trying to fix that but rather late here so may not be fixed until tomorrow.

Update, the situation is rather more complex than I had hoped and Im currently trying to get to grips with it, please be patient.

I found this post because I am having the same issue. I have a super large collection and it’s been bombing out in the last few days. I tried to run it with command line as well as Windows gui. Both of them bomb out after a few minutes. I don’t know how to add my logs to this post but I have them if you need them.

Okay the problem is as follows:

jthinksearch as used by SongKong, Jaikoz and Albunack runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using ElasticBeanstalk, the application is installed on an Amazon Linux virtual machine that runs Java and Apache Tomcat. This application failed yesterday, my suspicion being that there was a small memory leak that over time had more effect until the application ran out of memory. The application is periodically redeployed with a new MusicBrainz/Discogs index, this is meant to occur every month but actually it is 5 months since the last redeployment which is why we haven’t had this memory leak issue before. Apologies for that, in fact I was rebuild the indexes from the latest MusicBrainz/Discogs data ready for deployment when the problem occurred.

Then because it failed AWS tried to redeploy the application, as part of this redeployment I have written a number of scripts (ebextensions) and one of these uses and installs the AWS-CLI tool which is required to run another script. But yesterday AWS updated the AWS-CLI tool so that it requires Python 3.6, before that Python 2.7 was only required. But the linux virtual machine that jthinksearch uses only supports Python 2.7 so the script failed and deployment stopped.

I didn’t understand the error message at first because I don’t have the script with the name shown, but the name shown was a virtual taskname within another script. I tried using a newer Linux virtual machine but that had newer version of Tomcat and Java that was not compatible with the code base.

The solution (for now) is to modify my script so that it gets an older version of the AWS-CLI tool that is still compatible with Python 2.7, the problem was my script was just getting the current version and when Amazon changed it to require 3.6 that broke my script.

So I am working on that now.

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Appreciate the update. I ran into it yesterday and had been trying to work through it on and off since. I’ll check back from time to time before attempting to run SK again.

I made the change which did resolve the original error, but ran into some other deployment issues so still battling on.

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Thanks, Paul for your efforts during the weekend!
I’m also waiting for a resolution; with some change, it will be available before my long trip tomorrow, on the road to holidays, so that I can update the USB key that contains the music for my car :sunny:

Hi, okay I think it is fixed, working for me.

Not sure if it takes a while for the url to propagate around the web so may not work immediately for everyone, but please try and hopefully it will work for you, would be good to get some feedback.

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It just worked for me like a charm :ok_hand:
Thanks again for your efforts!

All fine
Thanks for your effort and open communication.

It’s working fine now. Thank you!