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Jaikoz not matching box sets

I have attempted to rerun everything in 10 with the same box set, with Musicbrainz and Jaikoz and with both to specific albums. All four times it would not match at all. The thing that seems to happen more often than not has happened again. This album exists in both musicbrainz and discogs. Discogs may have more than one variant. No match. So I wasn’t even able to match and them change file and folder info from metadata in order to force save. I have force saved several smaller albums with no problems.

Sending you the support files shortly. I am not sure if you want to move this to a different topic or not at this point.

Server has just got down because of a change by Amazon so if recently it may be that SongKong says internet connection is down and can't connect

If not that and you are using Match to Specified Release then Im not sure why as this checks directly on MusicBrainz if no match on Albunack, but at least you have confirmed it is not a new Jaikoz 11 issue.

If just using regular MusicBrainz/Discogs match remember that Jaikoz uses Albunack and this doesn’t have the latest releases added to MusicBrainz/Discogs so if the release has been recently added then that is the reason.

It may just be that it is because it is a boxset, and these are harder to match than regular album. Improvements were made to boxset matching for SongKong that have not yet been added to Jaikoz.

I looked at your logs and it does appear there was an attempt made when the server was down so I would retry now that the server is working.

Please note, albunack has now been updated with the latest data so that may also resolve the issue.

Thank you. That may help a little or a lot. As far as I know, most aren’t the latest releases but some are on occasion. I’m in the middle of matching about 500 more tracks to albums. Hopefully, I can finish matching in the next few to several days between work and weekends and get back to that box set and test and send you the support files. The freezing slowed me down quite a bit. It is the general consensus that it’s something on this machine. I am anxious to purchase that laptop I plan to use for other things and test it. That may take a few months.

Apologies it took so long to get to this. The support files for the same multidisc album after being matched (without needing to match to specific album), correcting subfolders and files, and force-saving (no problems or issues) should be in your inbox shortly.

Okay well that is good so sounds like the not matching release problem was simply due to database being a bit out of date. So if there is no problem with the version you have maybe stick with that for now, or if you want you can retry the latest version. But if there is a problem I think I have exhausted all lines of inquiry so you would have to revert back to earlier version and try again when have new computer.

I am planning on a computer new to me in weeks or a few months so I will attempt to use the newest version at that point and get back to you here. I’ll save the email and respond when I can. Thank you for all of the help.