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SongKong 9.6 Whirlpool released 29th of September 2023

We are pleased to announce release of SongKong 9.6 Whirlpool


This is a Discogs focused release

Whilst MusicBrainz is our primary database the Discogs database is also very important. It is especially useful if your collection contains singles and eps since these are better represented in Discogs than MusicBrainz.

Improvements to Delete Duplicates

We have now added Same Discogs song and same album so you can find duplicate songs based on Discogs matches, it check for duplicate DiscNo, TrackNo and Discogs Release Url. You also include AcoustId as well with the Same Discogs song and same album and sounds the same option

We have now added Same MusicBrainz song and same album (any version with same number of tracks). The existing Same MusicBrainz song and same album (any version) option allows duplicates when you have the same song matching different versions of same MusicBrainz album, in MusicBrainz speak this means they have same MusicBrainz Recording Id and same MusicBrainz Release Group Id. This new option limits to releases within release groups with the same number of tracks so the intention is restrict to releases that are very similar.

Discogs Bug Fixes

If Rename Files based on metadata was set to Yes if matched to release it was only working for albums matched to MusicBrainz not Discogs.

If Search for a MusicBrainz Match was disabled on the Match tab so SongKong only searched for Discogs releases it could report itself finished with unexpected error prematurely

Full List of Fixes and Improvements


SONGKONG-2508 Add Same Discogs song and album (same version) to Delete Duplicates

SONGKONG-2509 Add Same MusicBrainz song and album (any version) and same number of tracks to Delete Duplicates


SONGKONG-2503 MusicBrainz Song Only Matches should not set IsClassical field

SONGKONG-2506 When FixSongs only matching to Discogs finishes prematurely

SONGKONG-2507 Songs matched to Discogs but not MusicBrainz are not being renamed when have matched to Release option

SONGKONG-2511 Report can fail on creating BrowseByFolder section if have flat folder structure with many songs in folder

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