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Song Kong report on Mac Studio


I have a new Mac Studio and installed M1 version of Song Kong. I cannot seem to get the reports to work and in Safari browser there are ‘?’ mark where normally the image of the album etc would be. This works fine on my intel Mac Laptop.

I tried running the intel version of SongKong and it will not start and message ‘Java Runtime cannot be loaded’.

Would like the native M1 version to work so any help appreciated.


I think the issue is a Safari specific issue, can you post a screenshot?

Try reloading the report in Safari does it work then , does it work if you use a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome ?

Intel version will only work if you have Rosetta 2 installed. But this is irrelevant, if SongKong for M1 is running then that is essentially working.

Hello and thanks for the response. I have attached a screen shot from my Mac Studio. On my intel laptop this works with no issues.

Thanks again


I did try in Chrome and it seems to work. I guess I need to figure out what has changed in Safari on the M1. Perhaps some kind of security setting?

I think that screenshot shows what its like if Javascript is disabled in Safari, try enabling Javascript in Safari.

@abr8838 Did that resolve it for you?

Hi @abr8838 I am trying to resolve this issue.

Do you still have the problem, if so as a test can you try doing:

  • Select File:Start Remote Mode from SongKong, this should open SongKong gui in Safari browser,
  • Select Reports from the top menu,
  • Select a report

Does the report now display okay ?

(This is logged issue -

Fixed in SongKong 8.9 Bleach released 24th January 2023