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SK 6.10.1 update didn't uninstall previous version

This happened a few versions ago. Today I opened 6.9.? and got a message about an update to 6.10.1 being available. I initiated the update. Upon completion I opened the Windows 10 Start Menu > All Programs, and saw two instances of SongKong64. I ran one and saw that it was the earlier one and then got the update message. I closed it and ran the nearby uninstaller (both were in the root of the menu; not in the Jthink folder). That removed 6.9.?. So now I go to the Jthink folder and see three programs listed:


No Songkong64 anymore. I ran the first one and got a CMD window and the program. I closed the program and had to close the CMD window separately. I opened the GUI. Where are the differences documented?

While writing this I opened another tab for your site and found your forum post for 6.10. When SK notified me of the update it took me to your Download page. During the download I opened the Install Instructions. Same as it always was. Given the major changes it should have pointed to these new instructions.

So you should run SongKongGui. The change is required due to limitations in the current installer software, I hope these will be resolved soon by Oracle.

I’m not really sure why you have posted this as it seems you have resolved this, and what is done is done and the problem will not occur in the future now that we have made the move to new installer.

I initially drafted it because this was the second time that after installing an update there were two versions of SongKong present on my PC. I was unware of your forum post about the change to a new installer. I was also perplexed because there were now two possible executables to open SongKong. I suspected that the GUI version was intended for non-command line use but since both opened the GUI I wasn’t sure, and I prefer to avoid guessing.

As to why I finished writing the post after finding your installer post I thought it would help you to experience this update from the user’s perspective. I got an update notice, clicked on the link, dutifully glanced at the Install Instructions - saw no change, assumed it was like the countless other updates one encounters with software, and installed it. You can expect the same behavior from most people. I think you should have included a link to your forum post in the Install Instructions for such a major change.

You’ve written some incredibly useful software. Thank you.

I opened appwiz.cpl for another purpose and noticed 3 Songkong’s listed.

The bottom two use the old installer, you’ll need to remove them separately, may need to force deinstallation as it was a bit ropey, which is one reason why moved to the new installer.