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Running song fix produces red index out of bounds errors

Is there any more information about this sort of error that would allow me to fix the problem please? I am getting them returned within the ‘errors and warning’ section of song fix. thanks.

That shouldn’t happen indicates a bug in application - please run Create Support Files

Thank - they’re on their way. There were also a couple of java.lang exception errors I came across that I didn’t screen shot - will report in future.

I cleared logs following submission of support files. I have a few more similar errors. Should I submit support files again using the same forum URL, or will this over-write those already submitted?

It is a minor issue occurring when trying to rename some files raised

If you have different errors you can submit new support files it will not overwrite the earlier ones, but there is not any point if the error is the same only if different.

BTW the logs rotate and emptying logs make little difference to the size of the support files, the bulk of the size is uploading the last few reports. So to make support files smaller the best option is to run Delete Reports but you should do this before running the task causing the error not after because the latest reports are useful for diagnosing issues.

Now fixed in new 10.5