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Problem with SongKong 7.0 Upgrade

My upgrade not working.
Do i run FILE: EMPTY DATABASE from RUN and it will empty data only for SK or its a data dump locale for all programs and its safe to empty?

Another question. I find it hard to use SK and iTunes simultaneously unless I tile the windows side by side. As I like to keep iTunes full screen, is there a way to enable SK to ALWAYS STAY ON TOP.

From SongKong run Empty Database from the File menu, this a SongKong internal database it will not affect your music files or anything else.

You shouldn’t be using SongKong and iTunes at same time because if you want toupdate iTunes from SongKong you should let SongKong contorl iTunes.

I always keep iTunes open and prefer to drag and drop.
By control, you mean keeping both open simultaneously impairs SKs ability to make updated changes to the files?


See above. File not found

I think drag and drop from iTunes only lets yo drag fields rather than albums ? - which is inefficient.
SongKong can modify the files okay but if you have SongKong configured to Save changes to iTunes then it connects to iTunes and uses iTunes api to refresh the tracks, but if you are using iTunes as well that can intefere with this

From within SongKong select the File menu and then the Empty Database menu, not sure what you are doing.

I dropped the File:Empty Database from Windows Run and not the file dropdown from SK.
Got it. It works now. Thank you.

From iTunes, yes, you can drop the album into SK. Individual song files integrate fine

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