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On MacOS if select link to open reports still uses old format

I edited the code to remove the disc information when renaming. I’ll give that a try in the morning.

The reports have reverted back to the old format

So I assume you are on latest version of SongKong in which case I don’t know why report started not showing correct, could you please post screen showing whole browser window which shows the url being used.

Yes, I’m using 8.9

Sure thing. Here you go:

So the report is being loaded using the file url, and that is a problem for the Safari browser. But SongKong should always be loading using a http url, and as far as I know it does now, did you maybe open this report by just clicking on the report within Finder or did you open within SongKong ?

I clicked the link in the dialog that opens after the job finishes in SongKong

Ah, okay just tested it and that link is incorrect that is a bug, I’ll get that fixed -

However, no need to use that, if you have After SongKong has finished processing page set to Always Open Report in Browser it will open automatically and correctly.

Alternatively if you don’t want to do that you can open reports from the Reports menu, can you please confirm these alternatives work for you.

Yes, they both worked

Great, thanks, I will fix that bug for next release.

Now fixed in SongKong 8.10 Frank released 8th February 2023