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Multiple Album folders created by fix songs

Hi All,

I’m trying to fix about 500k files that are a mess! So any advice is most appreciated

I’ve noticed albums becoming multiple folders after a fix songs run (see Explorer screenshots - for Ian Dury - New Boots LP x 2).

I think it’s happening because I am not selecting folder=album (my folders were a mess!) plus I’ve run 2 fixes, one with add Disc number to title & one without.

Any tips on fixing this? I’m running a now consistent fix songs (but still not selecting folder=album and withh Acoustic ID for matching & deleting) over all the files again & hoping this will tidy it up.

sorry, here is (disc 1) lp

Its hard to say, it is always good idea to review the report created by SongKong because this tells you exactly what has been matched and what metadata has been modified this would allow you to pinpoiint the problem at the time.

But unchecking Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album should only be done if your songs are not organized album = folder.

The sensible thing to do now is rerun and send support files immediately after highlighting any specific issues.

Thanks Paul, I’m currently running a new scan & will get back to you if there’s further issues.