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SongKong using two variations of name in folder


may I add to this, as I think I am running in a related issue:
I have lots of Eels music, some people write the bandname Eels, some EELS…
Songkong has identified some songs as EELS’ songs, some as Eels’ songs. So now I have 2 artists and nearly every album in a folder in each of them and the actual songs are (relatively fairly) distributed across both artists/ albums.
Any idea how to fix that?


Hi Christian

If you mean the albumartist/artist metadata varies then I assume you have unchecked Use standard Artist name instead of name displayed on cover option, checking this should resolve the issue.

If want the metadata to be different but you are renaming and want the the folder names to be the same but they differ in case (uppercase/lowercase/mixed case) then manually fix the folder names so that they are all either Eels or EELS then subsequent runs of SongKong should no longer split them ( as long as you are using the latest version) -

Thanks for the hint - in fact that box was checked.
I unchecked it to test and that adds a third variant ‘eels’ to the mix.

Okay its a little unclear, can you please run the Status Report over the multiple Eels folders, and then run Create Support Files so I can see exactly what the situation is.

Any chance of getting that Status Report ?