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Move "View Audio" Window to the View Pane

Hi Paul,
is it possible to move the ViewAudiio Window from the Edit Pane to the ViewPane in Jaikoz 11.x?
Or is it possible to get the colums of the ViewAudio “Playing Time”, “Bit Rate” and “Size” (etc.) in the Info Window of the Edit Pane as view colums (not changeable)
Reason: If I compare songs, which one in my opinion has a better quality, I like to have the above colums with many others of the Edit Pane at a glance.
In Jaikoz 10.x that was possible because the ViewAudo Window was in the ViewPane.

No its not currently possible, we moved out of the View tab because users were having to do Show View Pane using up half there screen just see to the Audio info.

I see your problem, there are two potential changes I could make that would resolve it.

  1. Add View Audio back to View tab ( I removed when added to Edit because I couldn’t see need for it as it doesn’t change) so would then be visible in both View and Edit tab.

  2. Treat Audio fields like any other metadata fields (except not modifiable) so they can be shown on the same tab as the metadata fields, and then the View Audio tab would be removed. I did ask this question on the forum actually, it gives the ultimate flexibility at the expense of some clarity, not sure if it was a good or bad idea ?

Both solutions are O.K. for me, the second one is the more flexible solution (making the colums in another background color).
I would prefer the solution, which is easier to solve.

The first one is easier, I suppose I could do this one first with a view to maybe removing the seperate audio tabs and just have the flexible combined tab at later stage.

fine :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

when do you think you get this done, moving the “View Audio” Window to the View Pane?
I have to use Jaikoz 10.0 until the above is done in Jaikoz 11.x for the work/comparison I am currently doing.

To be honest its not a high priority for me I expect you are the only (albeit valuable) customer that needs this, so I was thinking of moving straight to merging Audio and Metadata tabs but that is more work and if I have resolved the Jaikoz regression bugs then I need to do a SongKong release first before I can do this.

Hi Paul,
I have now extended my license for three years. I hope that within this time you will get the above problem solved, because for me Jaikoz 11.4.x is a step backwards in terms of usability.
I remain in hope that maybe already in Jaikoz 11.4.1 a solution for this handicap will be implemented.

I will try and get it done within a few months, the difficulty with the ‘simple’ solution was that I have had a lot of issues with table sorting/syncing in these new releases and having got those problems solved I fear that adding Audio table back into View tab could cause some problems to reappear.

The preferred solution requires quite a few changes so will take some effort to implement.

FYI I am working on this now.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for working on this problem, but please don’t forget the other issues I reported to you via e-mail to get Jaikoz 11.5.x up and running properly.