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Jaikoz 11.5 Radiohead released May 11th 2022

Jaikoz 11.5 Radiohead released May 11th 2022

This release concentrates on three major improvements

MacOS M1 Build
We now have a native download for the new MacOS computers with the M1 Arm cpu instead of the Intel cpu. Jaikoz should now run significantly faster on these computers because it no longer needs to use Rosetta 2 emulation.

But please note there is not currently a single universal build, make sure you use the correct link on the download page, there is one link for Intel and one for M1

iTunes/Macos Music App Integration
We have completely rewritten the integration that allows Jaikoz to update your iTunes /Music app library when you make changes from Jaikoz. For MacOS we now use a new library do this, and for Windows we have rewritten it so the integration works much the same way for MacOS and Windows. This complete overhaul fixes a number of issues and make the integration more reliable.

Move to Java 17
In this release we move from Java 14 to Java 17, this fixes a number of issues on MacOS user interface and means we are now using the current version of Java that is provided with Long Term Support. Unfortunately Java 17 is not supported on MacOS El Capitan (10.11) or earlier so this version of Jaikoz is only compatible with MacOS Sierra (10.12) and later.

Other Improvements
Also we improve multi-disc matching because scoring was incorrectly using contiguous trackno rather than discno/trackno, and there are further improvements to the Dark and Light modes.

Release notes - Jaikoz - Version 11.5


JAIKOZ-1414 Windows:Titlebar not showing as dark because of issue with Flatlaf Dll extraction

JAIKOZ-1413 MusicBrainzUpdateSong:updateSongsFromMusicBrainz:SEVERE: null java.util.NoSuchElementException

JAIKOZ-1412 Hide striping for single column lists

JAIKOZ-1410 Match to Disc Release is scoring using contiguous trackno rather than discno/trackno so can can give bad match on disc2

JAIKOZ-1408 MusicBrainz Genre should be Never Alter not Always Add Values

JAIKOZ-1407 Discogs:Artwork default should be Replace If Empty but is Always Replace Values

JAIKOZ-1406 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: sort order must be non-null

JAIKOZ-1405 NullPointerException for AudioFileLoader on startup

JAIKOZ-1401 Some Preferences Tables not showing as striped

JAIKOZ-1372 MacOS: In dark mode the menubar stays light

JAIKOZ-983 Windows:iTunes Dispatch not hooked to windows memory


JAIKOZ-1418 Add native MacOS M1 Build

JAIKOZ-1416 Review the most popular translation languages

JAIKOZ-1415 iTunes on Windows:Move from using jacob library to com4j library

JAIKOZ-1396 Better match Dark Mode on MacOS to native Dark Mode

JAIKOZ-1380 More Look and Feel Improvements

JAIKOZ-1260 Update to Java 17

JAIKOZ-1171 Support copying Wav metadata fields straight into iTunes

JAIKOZ-1169 WAV for iTunes not copying data into iTunes

JAIKOZ-1098 WIndows:Itunes Move Track error

JAIKOZ-417 Get Jaikoz to listen to changes to when iTunes moves files so that Jaikoz doesn't complain it can no longer find files

JAIKOZ-280 Store Itunes id in file (or database) so we can better track it, esp regarding 2615

JAIKOZ-141 Interrogate itunes playlist after updating from Jaikoz to see if expected songs made it to playlist, and log suitable warnings

too bad that it was not made in this release

Move “View Audio” Window to the View Pane

Add View Audio back to View tab ( I removed when added to Edit because I couldn’t see need for it as it doesn’t change) so would then be visible in both View and Edit tab.

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Probably next release, but sorry I think only an issue for you.

Just re-released for Windows/Linux because of a serious file/folder renaming bug so sorry if you have already installed for these platforms need to read Crash On Attempt To Correct Subfolders/ Does Not Save Changes

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