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Jaikoz 11.5.2 Sebadoh released July 13th 2022

Jaikoz 11.5.2 Sebadoh released July 13th 2022

The main purpose of this release is to fix an issue with accessing Apple Music or iTunes, a security feature added to MacOS meant that Jaikoz could not get rights to communicate with Apple Music/iTunes.

With this fix the first time you run Jaikoz your Mac will display a popup message saying

“Jaikoz” wants access to control “Music”.Allowing control will provide access to documents and data in “Music”, and to perform actions within that app.

Select OK to allow access.

If you do not allow access Jaikoz will not be able to communicate with iTunes/Apple Music and therefore you should ensure that Preferences:Save:Apple Music Update:Automatically update Apple Music library is disabled


JAIKOZ-1427 MusicBrainz:Genre:Max No of Genres is actually using the value of MusicBrainz:Grouping:Max No of Genres

JAIKOZ-1424 Not giving permissions when trying to access Apple Music first time

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too bad that it was not made in this release

Move “View Audio” Window to the View Pane

I just tried to add a new tab for how I want to look at the fields I select…I am unable to create a new one or add to others.