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MinimServer update 173: Index Artwork

Hoi, is there anything that we need to do in order to take advantage of the new minimerver update 173…Index Artwork feature?

Seems that the default setting is looking after a /share/Music/indexArtwork folder which means that I have to move all folder.jpg files into that folder including to renaming all files. Simon have an exampel: „ For example, the Composer index entry ‘Anton Bruckner’ will show the image ‘Anton Bruckner.jpg’ or ‘Anton Bruckner.png’ if either of these files is available in the designated artwork folder.“

According the MinimServer guide I took the following steps:

  • added indexArtwork=folder to serverOptions
  • created a folder indexArtwork as designated artwork folder
  • moved some of the folder.jpg files into that folder
  • renamed each and every folder.jpg towards the artist name (e.g. 12 Stones.jpg)

This is pretty much cumbersome. Will a SongKong update helping us to ease the way getting the files into the correct folder and renaming them?

You should be able to do it very easily with the existing version, I haven’t had a chance to properly test out MInimServer update yet but the tools are already in SongKong

On the artwork tab, select from Artist Artwork Options to find artists for the particular types interested in.

Then enable Add all artist artwork to folder and point to MinimServers indexArtwork folder so that a copy of each artist image found will be stored in that folder named after the artist/composer ecectera.

Also note as long as you have your music organized Album Artist/Album if you enable Save album artist to artist folders in fileystem it will create folder.jpg for each album artist folder so you will see album artist when you browse by folder.

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Oh wow Paul, have indeed overlooked that feature!!! What a great way to take advantage of the new MinimServer feature. Thanks a lot your replay.

A couple of things are not working but this is something I have to raise on the Minim forum (e.g. album artist 10cc is not visible, I was trying 10cc.jpg, 10CC.jpg…)

Hopefully Simon will have an answer for your 10cc problem, i have now created a more detailed guide on adding artist artwork, did this for PC but I will do an equivalent one for using remote interface with Melco

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Perfect Paul, that is a great help for us!!! I am very happy with my SongKong/Jaikoz/MinimServer environment!!

Have one for Melco now, How do i show Artist Images with SongKong and MinimServer on Melco

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The old Kazoo app was showing the artists by a grid view…the new Linn App is just showing very little pics…

Anyone having the same issue? Well this has more to do with Linn…