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Match to one album songs limit

Please make the songs limit in “Match to one album” configurable.

I want to match a compilation with 260 songs, but I get “Too many songs in selected folder to be a match to one album, this task is only for matching a single album, did you mean to run the Fix Songs task ?”.

The Fix Songs task does a complete mess.
I know exactly the release I have, it’s this one:ção-Vinicius-A-Arca-Do-Poeta

The same happens with other colections I have.

I will check the logic but is each disc in a subfolder or are they all directly on one folder?

Each disc in a subfolder

Ok that is the best way to have it, okay there should not be a limit.

Would be rather laborious but in the meantime you could try it one subfolder at a time.

Interestingly, it outputs the same error.

So maybe the message is about too many songs in the Discogs page?

Anyway, that would be way too much manual work. It’s not only one release.

Unexpected, could you run Create Support Files please that will help me diagnose exact cause of that.

Okay there is a hard coded limit of 200. The main purpose of this is to detect when customer has incorrectly picked root folder rather than an album folder perhaps because they meant to run Fix Songs not Match To One Album

So there is no real point it making it a configurable option just better to remove limit entirely, so raised and working on it now.

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Thank you.
I’ll wait for the next release on Dockerhub.

Hi, okay its done

Thanks. I tested the new version.
Unfortunately, this specifc release is not being matched :frowning:

How does SongKong deals with the tracks with multiple songs and the “Bonus Tracks” sections?

I’ll try to manually edit the tags until I get a match.
Any easier way to do this? (single albums also do not match)

Boxsets are more difficult to match then regular albums, and it is harder to match Discogs albums than MusicBrainz because there are no direct links between acoustids and discogs tracks.

But did you enter the Discogs Url?

If you run Create Support Files again and I can see what happened. You can make it smaller and hence upload quicker by running Delete Reports first.

Support Files uploaded.

After, I fixed some information on Discogs and created the release on Musicbrainz:

Would be nice to have a side-by-side view to force matching.

I remembered that Picard has exactly that feature and I could use it with the MusicBrainz release I created. It worked flawlessly :smile:

After overriding the tags and uploading AcoustIDs, I tried again with SongKong (pasting the MusicBrainz link) and it still failed. I noticed a java.lang.NullPointerException in the logs.

I uploaded new support files so you can investigate this.

Okay, the issue here is that although you have added the release to MusicBrainz SongKong uses it own database Albunack which combines MusicBrainz, Discogs and Acoustid for performance and stability reasons. However this is only updated monthly so doesn’t contain latest releases, not usually a problem for most users but is a problem if you are an active MusicBrainz editor so we plan to add a MusicBrainz lookup if Albunack look up fails.

It failed to find match, and then instead of gracefully failing it logged an exception and displayed a misleading message, this is a new bug that I have raised.

(I haven’t looked at the original failure to match to Discogs yet)

The logs seem to be missing from the second set of support files (not sure why), also if you run Match to One Album but don’t select a match no report is created so to get to the bottom of original issue could you consider doing the following:

  1. Unless you want the older reports they are making the support files very large so consider running Admin:Delete Reports
  2. Select the folder
  3. Select Fix Songs task, enable Preview Only on Basic tab and uncheck Search for a MusicBrainz Match on the Match tab
  4. Start task
  5. When completed and report created run Create Support Files

Thanks for support files, but although I can see the report there are no logs files so I cannot see SongKongs attempts to match to Discogs release. Just tested create support files from my nas and had no problems with logs files so bit stumped on that issue.

Have fixed the issue that throws exception and logs misleading message

I consider this as solved as now I just need to wait SongKong’s dabase to be updated with my edits.
Thanks again.