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Jaikoz 11.8 Belly released January 23rd 2024

We are pleased to announce Jaikoz 11.8 Belly

This release has 18 fixes and improvements

Improved MacOS Look

Improved MacOS look so now have full window content instead of separate window title bar and rounded buttons.

Multi Disc Releases

We used to modify the album field for multi disc releases but now by default instead we always store a value in Disc Subtitle for multi disc albums, if the disc has a special title we store that, if not we just store Disc N where N is the disc number. This can be modified using the Multi Disc Release option

This includes many improvements to the Capitalizer task including improvements to Title Case including new exception list for defining words that should be lowercased when first word in bracket, if not in list gets capitalized.

Added two new capitalizers:

  • Capitalizer Each Word capitalizers every word without exception
  • Title Case Ignore File Type is a special version of Title Case that makes no changes to text after the last dot in the value and hence can be used on filenames without modifying the file type (e.g .mp3, .flac)

Create Support Files
Support Files can now be easily sent with one click without having to send an email


Release notes - Jaikoz - 11.8


JAIKOZ-89 Would like Capitalization without exceptions in filename e.g To The Manor not To the Manor

JAIKOZ-301 'Force Title Case' option in capitalizer for dealing with words that are always fully capslock that Jaikoz thinks are acronyms

JAIKOZ-1113 Allow user to change the words that are automatically lowercased when first word in brackets

JAIKOZ-1443 Add support for auto adding support file to server like we do with SongKong

JAIKOZ-1456 For Title Case Remove Preserve Acronyms Rule

JAIKOZ-1457 Update to use Java 21

JAIKOZ-1458 Update Look and Feel to latest version of FlatLaf

JAIKOZ-1460 Modify Multi Disc Releases to modify Disc Subtitle field rather than Album title

JAIKOZ-1461 Ignore Disc subtitle unless release has more than one disc

New Feature

JAIKOZ-1455 Add Capitalize 'Capitalizer Each Word' option


JAIKOZ-627 Title Case should not lowercase first letter after colon just because in lowercase list

JAIKOZ-1339 Word Replacer not liking mapping of comma , not being escaped properly

JAIKOZ-1448 Title column not displayed by default on Info tab

JAIKOZ-1450 Error Scoring when matching 2 disc release and optimize matrix because of high scoring song to track

JAIKOZ-1452 Match To Specified MusicBrainz Release not working correctly for Multi Disc Albums

JAIKOZ-1453 Jaikoz Title Capitalizer - ignore filetype

JAIKOZ-1454 Title Capitalizer is capitalizing The if after & even though it is in the exclusion list

JAIKOZ-1459 On Windows use later version of Installer to resolve multiple monitor issue

Re-released Jaikoz 11.8 for MacOS because of two issues:

  • Sometimes main window is blank and has to maximized or minimized to show files
  • Spreadsheet part became draggable in last release making it difficult to copy/paste cells, fixed no longer draggable, (you can still move window by dragging title)

To install simply download from website and replace existing version, if you check About Jaikoz it will now say Build Date:24nd January 2024 rather than Build Date:22nd January 2024

Forgot to say because version number not changed on Windows you have to uninstall first in order to be able to install newer version of 11.8

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