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How do I get back the old function of Multi Disc Releases CDs where the DiscNo/Disc Title is stored in the Album field

How do I get back the old function of Multi Disc Releases CDs where the DiscNo/Disc Title is stored in the Album field. I can’t use this new function of Multi Disc Releases. That’s not what I need.

Hmm you cannot at the moment because it is a bad idea.if I was to add it back in I have to understand why you need to do it?

because I like to have the album-field in this way:
Country Boy (Disc 4)
Original Album Series (Disc 2: Sailin’ Shoes)
and it looks to me as if this is no longer possible in 11.8.
The best would be a switch in the preferences that makes the old and the new version possible.
Until then, I’ll stick with version 11.7

Yes but why ?

The reason I changed this is because most music players will now consider each disc to be a separate because the album title is not the same. I only introduced in the first place to support the way MinimServer does things but MinimServer now has a better way and it is unnecessary for MinimServer.

So in order to add back in this feature that I don’t like can you give me a reason why you want to do it this way rather than using DISCSUBTITLE in order to convince me?

I use the program MusicIP Mixer and this program dos not use the field DISCSUBTITLE.
And unfortunately the development has been discontinued. You remember the PUID?

Yes I remember Puid and MusixMixer, I dont really see why you need to display disc when using this old app, I will consider adding as another option in the combo but I dont really like it.

You don’t like it, but I like it.
And MusicIP Mixer is still one of the best program for getting playlists with spezial Moods.and very fast to search in a big library.

The point is this means each disc of an album will be displayed as a separate album, that is not good, and not something to be encouraged.

But it was like this before and it should be possible to switch it on again.
I don’t think it’s good to simply remove functions in new releases. You should leave the choice to the users themselves via the drop-down menu.

I will add it for you, but I see it as fixing an incorrect function not removing a function

Thank you for your cooperation

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