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Jaikoz 11.0 Modified Field Mappings

There have been some necessary modifications to how fields are mapped, this means that although the field may have the same name in Jaikoz it may actually now map to a different field in the audio files, and the modification may be for all audio formats or just some. I don’t like making such changes but sometimes it is necessary so that Jaikoz works best with music players and other software.

Most notably the Performer already field mapped to a PERFORMER field for Flac/Mp4 but to the IPLS/TMCL field for ID3. But the trouble was that IPLS (IDv23) /TMCL (ID3v24) is a complex field that many music players do not understand so now we have mapped it to a PERFORMER field (TXXX:PERFORMER) instead. So the Performer field now works the same way (Name(role)) for all formats.

But also Roon uses the Performer field in a different non-compatible way to most players, so for Roon we have added the Involved People field as an alternative for storing performers. This maps to INVOLVEDPEOPLE for Flac/Mp4. For Mp3 ID3v23 it maps to IPLS (like the old performer field), but TIPL for ID3v24 instead of TMCL because that is a better fit.

Also now that are wanting to use Performer and Involved People mainly for musicians we have added dedicated fields for these common non-performer roles:


so that when using ID3 format if you add a value to the Producer field it is now stored in its own TXXX:PRODUCER field rather than being added to the TIPL/IPLS field. This brings ID3 format into line with Flac/Mp4. It also means you can have an associated sort field (i.e TXXX:PRODUCER_SORT)

Can you provide me a full mapping of how the fields are mapped to MB? I use mostly FLAC but if you have for ALAC too that would be great!

Hi, here you go

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One question, is the Subtitle field considered an album subtitle? If so, do you know if MB has this field because I have never seen an album subtitle field on their website nor is this field populated on any of my music.

You are right, we don’t automatically complete this field, and there is no such thing in MusicBrainz. MusicBrainz does have a disambiguation field that can be applied to an album (and also artist and other entities) to differentiate between two albums with same name., but this is not really the same thing as a subtitle

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