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It cant handle songs with norwegian letters... ÆØÅ

Like topic says:
It cant handle songs with norwegian letters… ÆØÅ

But as I said in reply to your review it can handle any Unicode character including Norweigen, so can you please explain what you mean, post a screenshot showing the issue would help and and run Create Support Files so I can get a copy of your log files.

Right now its not possible to do anything, becouse after i divided my main music categories into several, i cant figure out where to add these several folders. The way synology interferes with apple carplay forces me to do this, to make it make sense.

I really hope i dont need to change the folders each time i need to edit them …

So I think you are using Docker version on Synology and the issue is after starting SongKong there is nothing under the virtual /music folder ?

If so the issue is when you create the container you need to map /music to a real folder containing your music. Then your music will be available under the virtual /music folder, this step is explained in the install instructions -

When i check the settings, the folders are correct in the settings. However, they dont turn up in songkong.

No that is incorrect.

You need to map one folder to /music

You could map / to /music or you could map one of the subfolders such as /music-pop to /music but this would mean that you could only process music in the /music-pop folder

But whatever you choose you have to map it to /music

/music is not in use anymore. I need to use the new folders.

/music is not an actual folder on your system, you simply map whatever real folder you want to /music and then SongKong will see the music, just try it and you will then understand what I mean.

Im trying…

I added the paths under “image” now, and deleted the old container songkong so there where no duplicates.

Now i cant access it in the browser at all.

Maybe you didn’t configure the networking bit this time. I would suggest you carefully follow the Synology Docker instructions and it will then work for you.

I forgot the local port.

However, it still doesnt show any songs under /music.

The installation and settings menus look completely different now, many settings missing in synology compared to the instructions.

There is no “advanced” tab at all, and i cant find the configuration for image 8.

Config/songkong mount path setting…

The ONLY way its possible to list any songs at all, is when i mount the /music folder, and then move all my songs to that path in synology…

No that is just as incorrect as when you said it cant handle norwegien characters!.

The interface may have changed since I wrote those instructions but I assume it hasnt changed since you created the container before. You had SongKong up and running before except you didn’t map any music to the /music folder. So just repeat what you did previously but this time map to the /music folder.

Previously i used the music folder.

However, thats not the way i want to use it. I want to divide my music folders into several folders to make it work better on for example carplay.

That doesnt matter, your problem has got nothing to with carplay, SongKong is not imposing any rules on how you have to organize your folders !

I know it has nothing to do with carplay. I just explained WHY, since usually support wants to understand why im doing what im doing.

So i have several shares/root folders in synology nas, but i can only show them in songkong when i move them back to the /music root folder and then create subfolders under the root folder.

Either its possible to place files outside this folder or its not. My experience is that its not.

That is simply an incorrect statement, but it is late here so please post a screenshot of your folder mapping like you did before and i will look again tomorrow.

Update, have you got it working if not please show your drive mapping.