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How to Delete Duplicate Albums in Kazoo

Hi Paul / Everyone

I new things were going too well …. After managing to sort out my missing artwork , i thought it would be a breeze to remove my duplicate albums …. !!!

I have been trying to delete some doubled discs showing in Linn Kazoo which i use for browsing my Melco FLAC music library.

I seem to have about 5% of my albums showing as having an unwanted double copy with maybe 2 or 3 songs duplicated in the “other album“ . I would like to get rid of these to tidy things up.

I have tried running “delete duplicates” first on one album which had a double but it didnt find any duplicates … I tried most of the 9 search criteria…. all with with no results.

Now the album folder i searched shows all its songs as “modified or deleted” , i supose waiting for a reboot …. but the duplicate unwanted album is sitting there intact and untouched / unfound :frowning:

I then tried running “del dupes” on the entire “share” folder with my entire music collection in it …. No Dupes Found !!!

Do you have any ideas what i am doing wrong in my search ?

Or where these “ double “ part albums are located ?

PS All these duplicate albums also existed and copied over to the Melco when i copied the contents of my old NAS drive into the Melco.



No reboot is necessary but if you make any changes to files with SongKong you need to reindex MinimServer and then reconnect to MinimServer from Kazoo. MinimServer doesnt provide a way to reindex just part of its index it has to reindex the whole lot, so you have to do this yourself manually form the Melco OLED.

They key thing is you need to do is run Fix Songs first, please take a look at Merging Folders and then Files for some more info.

Thanks Paul

I have run Fix Songs on the whole share folder … in preview mode … Is there anything i should be looking for in the report ? … it seems a bit double dutch to me :slight_smile:

I shall run the Fix Songs again for real tonight when i go to bed … hopefully it dosent upset my discs too much :frowning:



I would suggest using the Browse/Browse by Album option of report to do a quick scan to see if there is anything you dont recognize.

When you run Fix Songs you could consider using the Add new metadata only profile. This way SongKong will still identify your songs but will not modify any metadata (except internal Musicbrainz/Discogs ids) such as album titles that your songs already have, it will only add missing data. The downside is that it will not correct incorrect/inconsistent data but it is a less drastic approach than regular Fix Songs.

Thanks Paul

I done Fix Songs last nite … Unfortunately like a proper plonker i forgot to Untick Preview Only … So i have done another preview fix !!!

Thanks for the tip about Browse the report by album … most helpful … and when i view that it does seem to identify many of the discs which have doubles with only 2 or 3 tracks listed in them .

I shall listen to some vinyl today and run fix songs again … properly … And i shall change the profile requirements to " Add New Metadata Only" and see what happens.



Hi Paul

Ran fix songs today … it finished about 2 hours or so ago.

When i looked at the browse by album list in the report it all looks fairly good It appears to have identified and removed about 2/3ds of the duplicated album folders … I thought that was a result.

It also split a lot of the albums into two … Disc 1 and Disc 2 etc if they were double albums … I can live with that … Though i think there has been posts about how to put them into a single folder recently … thats for another day though .

Up till now it all looked good …

I then opened up Kazoo to play some tunes … And Now out of 938 albums , about 900 have lost all their “music” every song on almost every album just says " Modified or Deleted Item " and the cover arts have gone as well… :frowning:

After a while i tried rescanning the database on the Melco and have restarted it … No change.

I’m at a bit of a loss now ( major understatement actually ) Looking at each album in the report it seems to think all the information is still there … I think …

Do you have any idea how i can get the Melco back in sync … or whatever it needs ?



Please look at Update MinimServer after fixing with SongKong

Is that in the settings on the Melco … I cant find it



I may have found it … is it in Minimwatch - Rescan ?

Ok ,that Minimserver rescan seems to have done the trick …

Ive now got the double albums split into two discs etc … all good

Do i need to run the Delete Duplicates now to remove the random extras

I will try it in Preview only for now.

cheers , Ian

Yes, if you have duplicates because Fix Songs doesn’t delete any files

I have ran Del Dupes in preview mode and it has found X number of dup keys and X number of songs to be deleted … probably for about 50 Artists

There are a few i am not so sure about … can i do the delete dupes individually … or do i need to let SK loose to delete what it thinks is needed ?

And can its changes be undone ?

Also how do i create a folder to “save” the deleted items to … if i choose to keep them for the moment … when i selected the option last night it just presents me with an empty box … Do i just create a folder called duplicates and drag it into my share folder ?



Note that there are different of deciding what is duplicate with the Song is a duplicate if option, make sure you have chosen an option that works for you. But I would recommend one of the Same MusicBrainz song and same album options not one of the metadata only options.

You can work on subfolders, but once you run it you have to let SongKong do its thing, but you can run in preview mode, or elect to save duplicates rather than delete them.

No, because that would mean keeping all the files, and since the reason for deleting duplicates is often to free space it would be self defeating, but you can move them rather than delete and then manually undo by moving the files back

If using Melco WebBrowser UI from your computer below the empty box is a folder tree that you can browse and select a folder to use, if you want the Move folder to be one that doesn’t currently exist then you will need to create the folder first on your PC by remote mounting the Melco drive and then creating using Windows Explorer.

Thanks Paul

I have now created a Duplicates Archive folder … Its empty at the moment though… but ready for future use.

I think maybe last nite i made a small boo boo on one of my attempts trying the different search criteria in Del Dupes … and i must have missed the " Preview " tickbox … I previously had 938 discs and now i have 910 … And looking through my remaining album listings it seems SK has found and removed most of the unwanted duplicated items … I think there are a couple of others that have gone as well … but unless i start analysing the reports closely , i guess i wont be missing them for a bit :slight_smile:

All good for now , I will have to start to catalog all my CD discs at some point … but that may be scheduled for 2022 :slight_smile: … for now i will just have a play about with SK and its features and listen to some tunes .

thanks again Paul



Great, you may want to consider looking at the View as Spreadsheet link at the top of a Fix Songs or Status Report report. This makes all the metadata available in an Excel spreadsheet format, and it should then be quite trivial to fiddle with a spreadsheet application to create a list of albums by artist/album, catno ecetera.