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How do I modify Minimserver configuration

Hi Paul

I have recently bought a Melco N1Z EX and transferred all my ripped FLAC music over from my old QNAP NAS … it was full … The Melco is working fine , but still in Linn Kazoo i have Some missing artwork and incorrectly named albums etc… as i had before.

To start off … I am a mac user , I am not a computer programmer … but i am not computer illiterate either … but i am struggling to understand what i am trying to do here … All i want to do is rename some of my discs and add some missing artwork … nothing more complicated.

I have added SK and Minimserver from the Melco and can connect to them both from my macbook.

On the server properties box you have above , my “contentDir” box is empty and the “displayName” is MinimServer[Ians-MBP] … where can i find the “paths” to change these … Ians-MBP dosent seem right to me ?

I do apologise , i would have started a new thread … but the boxes above seem to illustrate my problem exactly … there will be more problems , but this may get me started.



The user interface for MinimServer is in a stage of flux and a little confusing. You can contact MinimServer running on the Melco via web browser (port 9790) in order to change profile, install license and a few other tasks. But to modify the configuration you need to install MinimWatch on your Mac and this should enable it to communicate with MinimServer on the Melco and let you modify your configuration. What I think you have done is install MinimServer on your Mac and you are just viewing the local configuration on your Mac.

For SongKong on the melco you can completely control and configure it from your mac and using a web browser connect to the melco ip address and port 4567. There is no need to install SongKong on your Mac.You can install on your Mac in order to run SongKong directly on the Mac but it is not required for running SongKong on the Melco.

Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply … I have closed the SK app on the laptop now and Minimwatch and Minimserver are downloaded , and seem to have taken over my Melco library … but if i dont need to interact with them i will leave them alone and just use SK through the address bar at 192.168.0.XX.4567 … I can get in there fine.

I have read / looked at the 94 page SK “Help” document … I have even printed it out … but it dosent seem to tell me basically how to use the program and do simple tasks … it explains many functions in great detail … But where am i missing the basic “Dummies Guide” on how to use SK ?

I realise i havent paid the 50 quid for the full Melco version yet … I dont want to pay a fairly substantial amount for a program i cant use … and at the moment i am struggling … I have managed to change a few album art images now … but it is a lot of back and forth … and double work if you do it in preview first … and i seem to have deleted/ lost as many album contents as i have replaced the covers.

Sorry if i seem to be moaning too much … but it really dosent seem to be user friendly unless maybe “you’re into that kind of thing” … or am i missing something ?



Hi Ian, okay I have created a Dummies Guide for Melco Customers, and also alot of questions asked by SongKong Melco customers are answered in the faq

But I find that everyone has different requirements so if you have specific questions please just ask on the forum.

Thanks Paul

That was really helpful … I have now managed to sort all but 2 discs which seem to refuse to have artwork … im sure there is a reason , but for the moment i can live with them … and am happy with what i have achieved so far.

Next i need to get rid of some double discs ? ie…

Nirvanas Nevermind … in Kazoo there are two … one is complete with tracks 1-12 … the second one only has track 3 in it … how do i get rid of the second One with only track 3 in it and just leave one version of this disc with all tracks ?

Is this something i need the features of the full version of Songkong for … or is there something i can do with my included Melco Lite Licence ?

I know i will buy the full Melco version licence at some point , probably soon because i am starting to see how much functionality there is in SK … but i am bravely trying to put it off as long as possible at the moment due to recent plague induced pay restrictions … i do apologise .

PS I think more Dummies Guides to doing the really basic things in SK would help a lot of folks get started on the right track who are not very computer savy … or maybe it could be an idea for a few short utoob videos ?

thanks again


Hi, glad its going better now, you can do this with Delete Duplicates, but you’ll need a full Melco license for that.

Okay, we do have some videos, they are a little old but still essentially correct -

Thanks for the swift reply and encouragement Paul , Its good to know you are here and actively helping folks out here.

Since it seems ive reached the point where I need more … Ive just had permission from SWCBI :smiley: to go for the full version … So payment has just been made.

Thanks again Paul … Lots more silly questions coming your way soon :smiley:



No problem,. but its best if you can post different questions on their own thread, then more useful for other customers with the same question.

No worries Paul

I will do from now on :crossed_fingers: