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Freeze during Fix Songs process

Hello there - we have recently had our Melco N1Z upgraded to EX and so I have set it up to use MinimServer and last night kicked off the “Fix Songs” process with standard defaults on our library (approx 35000 songs). 9am today all still going well and about two-thirds complete, but then it hung and said it could no longer access the server.

I can no longer access the Melco when entering the IP address into a browser, so cannot restart the process. In the Melco HD App most of the song titles say “Modified or deleted item” and will not play. The Internet Radio vTuner still works.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
many thanks, Karen.

[We have SongKong v 6.8.2, installed by Melco as part of the upgrade]

Hi Karen

If I understand correctly Melco is still on but no longer able to access SongKong via http://ipaddress:4567, assuming you can still access MinimServer via http://ipaddress:9790 this would mean for some reason SongKong has crashed and is no longer running.

Okay so please take following steps

  1. First Update MinimServer with the changes SongKong has made.
  2. Restart Melco and wait 5 minutes
  3. Restart Melco App should now be able to access the modified files okay
  4. Should now be able to access SongKong again http://ipaddress:4567
  5. Select Create Support Files from the main menu bar to submit your support files so I can take a look at see what has happened.

Hi Paul - thanks for the quick response. I’ve just completed your 1-5 above, so I’ll await your review.

thanks again,

Great, is the Melco App now working okay ?

Yep it is working fine, but many song titles say “Modified or deleted item” and lots of album artwork missing so I assume SK only got part way through…

It should no longer list Modified or deleted item because step 1 should update MinimServer so it is sync with the changes that SongKong made, then step 3 should make Melco App in step with the files served by MinimServer.

So assuming you did step 1 before can you please make sure you properly close Melco App and reopen to see if that resolves this part.

ok Paul - I’ll take another look, prob Monday as out and about this weekend…
thanks again for the advice, Karen.

Okay, I have now looked at your log files and I can see that SongKong was stopped but unfortunately there is no other information to indicate why. So the first step to resolving the SongKong issue is just to try and run it again and see if the problem reoccurs.

Hi Paul, I started Fix Songs process again Sunday evening but it stopped again. Took screenshots on iPad (I can send if this would help?) where 10:11am and 12:11pm have same stats on progress bars. Reset everything but forgot to send error report so started again at 3pm yesterday. This morning it is frozen again so have just sent error reports to you. Have more screenshots from iPad if needed.

So, still have some songs called “Modified or deleted item” and missing album artwork…

If you could have another review?

thanks again, Karen.

But did these resolve before you reran, obviously if you run SongKong again it is going to start changing more files and therefore need to rescan MinimServer and restart control point again. So lets first sort this out if you cant maybe there is some cache on the control point you need to clear.

Then we can look at the underlying SongKong issue.

Hi Paul - no the song names and artwork did not resolve before I reran. Each time I did a MinimServer rescan before I checked the albums.

Hmm, maybe have to do something with Melco HD App, did you restart it. If running on iPad can you try actually restarting the iPad.

Hi Paul - better news! Restarting the iPad (as well as the Melco again) seem to have re-initiated something. As far as I can tell, no songs are now tagged as “Modified or deleted item” and no missing album artwork.

So, hopefully back to a position from where we can start again…? Shall I kick off the SongKong Fix Songs again or what other action would you suggest?

thanks, Karen.

Great, so possibly you need to do that after updating MinimServer I will have to check with someone as my iPad is broken!,

You should not have to restart the Melco, this only needs restarting if SongKong fails. Okay lets try SongKong Fix Songs task again and see how it gets on.

Hi Karen

Okay I can see the problem now, you are encountering this issue -

You are only the second person to have reported this but I am working on a fix, its a bit tricky because the bug is not really in SongKong itself instead it requires a new version of Java to be built for the Melco. It should be fixed for next release.

Hi Paul,

many thanks again for the updates. I’ll await the next release before doing any more. I cannot access the link above so if you could give me access or check address, I’d be interested to read.

King regards,


I have created a new version of SongKong that I think should resolve this problem, please install test version as described here - this should allow you to install SongKong 6.9

Then rerun Fix Songs and see how you get on.

Great news Paul - thanks, I will take a look this week.
best regards, Karen.

Hello Paul - I started the fix songs process on Friday. It ran for about 38 hours all going well, then hung again. I have done steps 1-5 above so you should get the support files. Let me know what you think, and if there is anything else I should try…
many thanks and kind regards,

Hi @Karen,

Thanks, so it has failed but took much longer as you say and the reason for the crash is different. The good news is looked likely it nearly finished so you should at least see much better metadata (remember to update MinimServer and restart Melco App). Could you try and run Status Report please and then resend support files.

Basically the fix was to move from Java 8 to Java 11 because the Java VM itself should never crash, this required a number of changes to be made to SongKong, we may try to move the very latest version of Java (Java 14) next, this should only require some very minor additional changes.