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Fixing broken files

I have a few errors thrown related to corrupted files,please see examples:

The problem is that the euror message doesn’t give enough information (sometimes) to address the problem. For example, for the first error in the above screen shot, this is what I found rooting around in the log files:

06/04/2024 09.40.22:BST:SEVERE: File cannot be saved:/music/Collection/WAV/Morrissey/Non Album Tracks compilation [44.1k]/disk 7/14 - Shame Is The Name “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris 2” - 2009.wav:Unable to make changes to this file because contains bad chunk data

It would be great to get some more detailed info in the report, if possible, please.

Also, is there a resource for educating about the different errors and how we can address them?

Just to add that, in reality, once I’d thought about it…the actual problem was the path/filename was too long and that’s why the file couldn’t be saved. I appreciate there’s a million-and-one possible errors but it would be great to flag this?

Can you run Create Support Files please so u can look in detail.

should be with you now.

Fixed reason not be added to Errors page -

But these filenames are not too long. The chunk error indicates that either the file is corrupt or possibly there is nothing wrong with the file but SongKong cannot handle it because something unusual about the file layout/bug in SongKong read/write tags lib (jaudiotagger)

Would be helpful if send me one of the files using dropbox or similar.

Now fixed in new 10.5