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Can no longer delete reports, Server 500 error

I noticed for some time that I get an internal 500 server error when trying to delete reports from my Melco.

I’ve deleted them now manually as there were hundreds but this always used to work?

Empty Log files seems to work ok as it confirms they’re deleted but not reports.

Using version 8.10

Hi, could you please run Create Support Files so I can examine the log files.

Hi Paul

Ok, will do.

Have now sent them along with a description.



Okay no errors in logs but this maybe because you have run Empty Logs after running Delete Reports so the log info is lost, and it seems there are reports existing because the only report sent was EditSongs0001

I wonder if the issue is simply that Delete Reports did work, but then you were looking at an old cached page on your PC and this had links to files that no longer exist, hence 500 error.

Or is it maybe that you have SongKong installed on Melco AND SongKong installed on PC. Then you have used web-browser on PC to connect to SongKong on Melco and then delete reports on Melco, but then have also run SongKong directly on PC so you see reports remaining on PC because you haven’t run Delete Reports on the PC version ?

Honestly I have no idea?

I deleted all logs manually on the melco by accessing the logs and reports folders and just deleted them in windows explorer as it didn’t work using a web browser?

I then made a change to one album just to see if the reports were being created successfully and they are as I know only have one report showing?

This is the only way I edit the metadata, through the web browser as I don’t use the actual pc version of Songkong.

It’s no biggie as I can manually delete the files, I suppose as all my Melco is backed up I can if I really feel the need to, just reformat the drive and do a fresh install.

Yes, the manual method would be to access SongKong folders from a computer, here are instructions from PC How do I access Melco SongKong Db and Logs from PC

Then go into reports folder and delete all folders except the style folder

This was fixed in 9.1 Juju release - SongKong 9.1 Juju released 26th of May 2023