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SongKong 9.1 Juju released 26th of May 2023

Because of changes in the AcoustId api used for fingerprinting files earlier versions of SongKong can no longer consistently retrieve Acoustids, this will prevent the identification of some music files and albums.


We have released SongKong 9.1 Juju to resolve this issue, it is important that you upgrade to this latest version for automatic matching to continue to work optimally


SONGKONG-2428 Issue installing SongKong Standard license after just start SongKong

SONGKONG-2429 Headless:Delete Reports failing with Internal Error 500

SONGKONG-2430 Reduce Acoustid Fingerprint lookup from 20 to 10

I just downloaded the 9.1 installer, but it doesn’t seem to work

Maybe being checked by virus checker, can you kill it and try again.

Sorry there was an issue with Windows download, please redownload.

The new download worked like a breeze, thank you

I actually had thought 9.0.2 was performing much better than 8.x. I have (had) about 4200 tracks in my “SongKong Unmatched” directory that I was amassing. I pointed 9.0.2 at it and it identified about 1800 of those and handled them appropriately. I did start getting notifications about the level of IO wait times from my monitoring software though, perhaps that was due to the changes.

I have just downloaded and installed 9.1, I will let you know how that goes.

Added: Just ran 9.1 against the same folder and no more than my previous run were identified. I did not get the IO wait notifications though, which is good.

We actually added this fix to a second version of 9.0.2 then released properly as 9.1 to ensure all customers were notified of release, so I expect you had second version of 9.0.2. So when you ran 9.1 songs already fixed, so less file writing needed hence no IO delay either.

That would totally make sense. I bet that you’re right.