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Best way to automate songkong

Hi @paultaylor,

Here I am again. :slight_smile:

I’m close to finish my first pass of music fix, so here is what I’m ending up with :

  1. one folder (/music/music_processed/) that contains my /artists folder/albums folder/ (I plan to feed plex and roon with it)
  2. one folder which was my initial music folder, containing the previously scanned, but not identified music albums (/music/music_unidentified)

Now I start thinking about what best practice is for the future and would like to take a minute to brainstorm with you about this.

I will keep copying music from the cloud to my local storage every day so here is what I have in mind:

  1. first thing I’ll do is to rename music_processed to something like music_library. This folder will contain already matched and duplicates checked albums
  2. copy albums from the cloud (daily) to a new folder -> /music/music_incoming
  3. run a fix job on the daily folder /music/music_incoming, once a day, and copy fully identified albums to /music_processed, and move the unidentified albums to /music_unprocessed
  4. now that I ended up with my identified albums in /music/music_processed, I run a duplicates job on it, the folder then is emptied from its duplicates
  5. once the duplicates check of /music_processed folder is finished, I move all it’s content to /music/music_library

What do you think about the above ?

Also, the above process leaves me with a big amount of unidentified albums inside /music/music_unprocessed. What’s your opinion about that one ? Should I make sure to keep running fixes on that one on a regular basis ? (I expect to get a way higher volume of identified albums out of it once bandcamp and beatport will be added as sources).

What do you think ?

All ideas welcome ! :slight_smile:

Okay except if you ran delete duplicates on /music/music_processed you won’t pick up cases where /music/music_processed contains a duplicate with songs in /music/music_library, so you should run Delete Duplicates against /music/music_library as well.

Also, I note you want to add with Roon, but using Roon profile this may cause some issue such as Roon showing performers as Performer(name), so you may want to rerun Fix Songs against /music/music_library with For songs already fully matched set to Update to modify some of the metadata, all changes for Roon profile are described in New SongKong Roon Profile

You should rerun Fix Songs against /music/music_unprocessed not only because the albums may have been added to MusicBrainz or Discogs since previous run, but also because SongKong may have identified the song in the previous run, this additional information may now be enough to match the album in a subsequent run.

Ok so, I should keep running fix songs on this old music folder again and again ?

  1. do you think I could end up with a way to do the following, (in order to avoid having dupes, and run the dupecheck again and again)

Run songkong from the command line, fix an album, and as soon it has been moved to the processed artist folder, run a duplicates job.

So, fix a single album -> move it to the processed folder - check if it is a duplicate -> go to the next album to fix.

  1. Lets forget about Roon then.

  2. ok, That’s gonna be fun.

That seems very inefficient, I wouldn’t do that. Especially since you can’t just check an album isn’t a duplicate, you would in effect be checking if there any duplicates in any of the files, even though you have only added one album.