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2023 Poll:What Jaikoz feature/improvement would you most like?

Its 2023 and would love to get a feel of what major feature/improvement would you most like to see in Jaikoz. We did a survey in 2022 and managed some of them, but would love to get an update.

We have made a list of ideas I have but if your top requirement is not listed please post on a reply, and please post a reply if you want to discuss anything on the list.

  • Support for custom metadata columns
  • Support for expression language to set field to value of other fields
  • Support for Album Back Covers and Liner Note Images
  • Support for Artist artwork
  • Support for Acoustid Albums as data source
  • Support for BandCamp as data source
  • Support for Beatport as data source
  • Add regular expression support to Find and Replace
  • Update Delete Duplicates so it matches SongKong features
  • Support for Pdf booklets
  • Support for APE Audio Format
  • Support for Profiles
  • Improved Create Support Files so dont need to use Email
  • Add Ability to be able to create User Playlists
  • Further User Interface Improvements

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(more) up to date discogs data…

The possibility to preserve only one or more tag of a specific track

I enjoy Jaikoz, but I would dearly love to be able to batch-place album artwork from local files. I download album artwork, then often tidy it up in Photoshop before adding it to my music file metadata. Unless I’ve overlooked it, there seems to be no way at present in Jaikoz to select all the tracks at once and add the album artwork in one keystroke. At present, I have to add it one track at a time, which is tedious.

Hi, you are correct cannot add it all in one go, but neither do you have to add one a time, do as follows.

But there is a Set Value option that can be used to modify all selected fields in one go, but currently that only modifies text, would be good to extend that to images for Artwork field.

Thanks Paul! This will change my life!

I use the Set Value feature, as you say, for text, and it’s great, but I always wondered why I couldn’t use it for saved artwork as well.

Love your work…

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