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Windows 10 - graphics glitch when setting compilation =true

Like the title says.
When I select “true” for the compilation field, I get a graphics glitch which causes the jaikoz screen to duplicate.

The only way to fix is a reboot of the program… very annoying.

Here is a screen shot of the issue

Gosh, okay never seen this, so rnuning on Linux, please email support files ?

Actually, I am running on windows 10 (for this issue).
When I go to compilation and choose set value and input " true " (so I don’t have to click all 100 audio files individually) I get this graphic error.

I had no issues before but for some reason after the last update this started (I use jaikoz on both osx and windows)

Thanks… and support files were sent.

But that screenshot looks like Linux, the tabs are wrong for Windows, if this really is Windows then maybe that is a clue to the issue

Any update on this issue?

Sorry I have tried but cannot replicate the issue

But I have possible workaround, just
-check/uncheck one isCompilation field
-select that field (Copy)
-select the fields you want to change and Paste

If the issue is setValue() this workaround avoids this, and it still a painless way to modify many files.

I have this problem just loading my files…I can’t even use the program.

This does not help at all.
And just to update, ,thought I would do a complete system re-install to try and fix the problem which has been ongoing since I started this post (1 year ago).
Now, not only do I still have this problem, but now I ALSO have the problem where when I try to save any changes it tells me it can’t save because it can’t access the files.

I’ve tried running as administrator, giving “everyone” permission to the folder… still can’t save.

So… not only do I still have this weird bug when trying to set the value to “true” but now I can’t even save my files.

Something really needs to be fixed here.

OK, I just spent the last few hours figuring things out for you since I doubt this is a priority for you (as a year has gone by with no fix)
It appears that when you add extra columns in Jaikoz, the last one added will cause the graphic glitch.
So, what I had to do was remove the “compilation” column and an extra column “grouping” then restart the program.
After the program restart I had to add back the “compilation” column then shut jaikoz down again.
Restart Jaikoz then add the “grouping” column, shut down and restart Jaikoz.
Now, the “Compilation” column won’t cause the graphic glitch but the “grouping” column will… As I never use the grouping column, this is not a big deal for me.
You HAVE to do things in this order or it will not “fix” anything.
Start Jaikoz
Remove the column causing the graphic glitch and one extra not used (add an extra unused column first if needed, then restart the program then remove if needed).
Once both have been removed and jaikoz restarted, add back the compilation column then shut down jaikoz.
Restart jaikoz and add an extra unused column (bpm, grouping, whatever) then shut down jaikoz
Restart jaikoz and test… you should find that the 2nd to last column you added (in this case compilation) works now but the last column added (in this case grouping) causes the graphic glitch.

You’re welcome

Thanks for your effort, I am working on Jaikoz now so I will try and look at this next week.