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Why isn't the album artist field populated?

  • I have 20 odd WAV albums held as files in File Explorer on Microsoft Surface Pro 9 running Windows 11

  • I want to add them to Media Player both under Album and Artist, with artwork

  • before your software I had song title column populated, I now have album and contributing artist, but not album artist which I think Media Player needs

  • these albums now show in Media Player under album but not under artist as it says unknown artist. Also artwork only shows on a few of them

  • I tried manual edit and added the album artist but that hasn’t been saved to my file, also I cannot see how to select a set of songs to apply this to as it keeps coming back to one I did previously when I just experimented with one album in the folder even though I had requested a clean down of the database at your end

Is your software able to achieve what I need in Media Player in Windows 11?

as per email with JThink support, I have downloaded the status report (which I cannot yet upload being a new user) and I can show what is now in my original file (which I cannot yet upload being a new user)

Hi, thanks for support files. I think they have been fully tagged I think it because you are using WAV and Windows Media Player only supports basic Riff based tagging rather than ID3 tagging for Wav files

Really I would recomend you move away from Windows Media Player and/or Wav.

Not sure what you mean, looking at your report those files do have Album artist set e.g

I have installed AIMP as the music player and everything works perfectly, album, artist, artwork etc, so I would recommend that over Media Player

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