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Where do you find Jaikoz license for installing on new computer

When you purchase Jaikoz you will be sent an email with the license attached within a file, and to install license you must unzip the file to give you a license.jai file and use File:Update License within Jaikoz to install that license file.

The expiry date of the license for determining if you can use a newer version of Jaikoz is controlled by the jthink server. So you do not need a new license when you purchase Version Updates, and your original license is not resent when you purchase version updates periods.

So if at a later date you want to install Jaikoz on a different computer but do not know where your license file is you have three options:

  1. Find your original email, transfer the file to your computer, unzip and install it.
  2. Copy the installed license.jai from your old computer to your new computer and install it.
  3. Use Reorder License at and we will find your license and email it to you so you can install it.

For Option 2 the license is found in the following locations: