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When I run a Status Report I don't see the same data that the help file shows

I don’t get the same displays when running the Status Report (to see what metadata needs fixing) as the help displays. It is blank as are most of the other data points.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, this is known problem that occurs for some Mac users when using Safari browser, it is not entirely clear why occurs for some but not other users but believe the core of the issue is Safari doesn’t like us loading the report directly using the file protocol, so I am working on a fix now to serve files using local http server, good news is this is due to be fixed and released later this week

In the meantime workarounds are:

  1. Select File:Start Remote Mode, then select the Reports menu and select a report to open it, this should display okay (would be helpful if you could try this for me to confirm)
  2. Use a different web browser, seems problem is confined to Safari.

Now fixed in SongKong 8.9 Bleach released 24th January 2023

Boy, you weren’t kidding. Later this week turns into “hold my beer” I’ll have this fixed in a second.

Yes, it’s working for me. Having never seen it before I got lost in all the details that it provides. Really cool stuff.

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