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What is the best First Run setup?

Hi. I just bought this software - really nice and flexible.

I have a qestion regarding what is the best way to first start processing large amounts of MP3.

Is it best to first run the “Retrieve Acustic ID” followed by the “Autocorrect Metadata” ?

I forget what I did, but the first time I ran Autocorrect it found some metadata, then I ran Retrieve Acustic ID and re-rean Autocorrect and it found more matches.

So what is the best first run setup?

Yes currently it is best to first run the “Retrieve Acustic ID” followed by the “Autocorrect Metadata” because Autocorrect Metatdata will only retrieve Acoustic Ids at the song by song matching stage, not during the match to release stage (this is fixed in Jaikoz 3.9.0)

Thank you for the quick reply. I really like this program.

I have another related question. I am new, so please bare with me.

I select a folder with songs and run Retreive Acustic ID and then Autocorrect and I save the data. Now, if I run Autocorrect again, it sometimes finds more fileds to correct (purple color on fields with new updated data).

So I save that 2nd Autocorrect, and when I re-run Autocorrect again for the 3rd time on the same files, it sometimes still finds more fields to update.

So my question is, is this normal? Why would it find additional fields to update after I already ran Autocorrect a few minutes before?

How many times should I have to re-run Autocorrect?

Thanks again!

Any help to my last question?

Is it matching more songs, or modifying fields in songs that have already been matched, can you give some specific examples.

If songs have previously been matched to Musicbrainz they are ignored if you run Autocorrect again (unless you have unchecked Preferences:Musicbrainz:Automatch:Do not match online if already have a Musicbrainz Id). But Local Corrects work on a fields and could change cpaitalization or something.

Going from memory, I hit Retrive Aucustic ID" which yes, only runs one-time and by-passes all songs already id.

I then hit “Autocorrect” button and it finds more things to update. It almost seems like the more I hit the button when it is done processing previous run, it finds more.

I will try to get you some example, but I was trying to figure out why it would find new tags if it already ran before?

Until I have some examples I cant really say

I sent you email. I could not attach the screen shots, so I sent them via email to you.

I think I confused you with earlier reply, with current release the best thing to do is:

  1. Retrieve Acoustic Ids (Note icon)
  2. AutoCorrect Songs (Clipboard with pencil icon)
  3. Check the results
  4. Save (DIsk icon)

With Jaikoz 3.9.0 You’ll be able to drop step 1.