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Could Someone Give me Advice on Optimizing Metadata Tagging with Jaikoz?

Hello there,

I am new to Jaikoz and have been using it for a couple of months to organize my extensive music collection. While I have managed to get the basics down, I am looking for some advanced tips and best practices to really optimize my metadata tagging process.

I have around 20,000 tracks, spanning various genres and decades.

My collection includes both digital downloads and rips from my old CD collection.

I primarily use Jaikoz on a Windows machine and sometimes switch to a Mac.

Despite using the duplicate detection feature, I still end up with a lot of duplicate tracks. What are the best settings to minimize this?

Some tracks don’t get updated with high-quality cover art, and I often have to manually search for it. Is there a more efficient way to automate this process within Jaikoz?

Tagging classical music has been particularly tricky, especially with multiple movements and various artists involved. Any tips on how to handle this effectively?

I usually process my tracks in batches, but sometimes Jaikoz seems to slow down or crash when dealing with large numbers of files. Are there any ways to improve performance or specific settings to adjust for better stability?

Also, I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

I am interested in any general advice you might have for making the most out of Jaikoz. Are there any hidden features or plugins that you have found particularly useful?

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

Regarding deleting duplicates, there are various options, but they work best if songs have been matched. We do want to improve Jaikoz delete duplicates so it works more like SongKong which is more powerful so what you could do is run Delete Duplicates in preview mode with free SongKong Lite to find duplicates/work out why not being found.

I don’t know why artwork not being found unless you have configured Artwork to only Replace if empty, there are separate settings for MusicBrainz and Discogs.

Regarding Classical I can only really help with specific issues.

Jaikoz does use more memory the more songs you have loaded so typically works best with less than 10,000 songs loaded at time.

Jaikoz does not support plugins.