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What are these error/warning messages?

I upgraded to the latest version of SongKong (Scar) for Mac, which I’m running with Roon. Things are going surprisingly well except for an abundance (like, hundreds) of these cryptic error messages which supply no more specific information about where, exactly, the problems are occurring:

Unknown Error:com.jthink.songkong.analyse.analyser.FileRenamer.calculateNewBaseFolderLength(

I checked to see if I had any filename length limitation settings, but I’ve turned that off so I don’t know if I should just ignore these (useful error messages sometimes pop up, too, but rarely) or if there’s something I should do to prevent them.

Any ideas?

Hi, okay that should never happen, a bug of some sort. It is related to filenames but please run Create Support FIles and then I will be able to see full error details and report back.

Thankyou for sending the files, okay there is a problem with renaming some files but unfortunately I cannot see from the log files what is causing the problem or what files have the problem, I have raised

However, in your later support files you ask why two tracks of Having a Party With Jonathan Richman have not been renamed, my guess is this is caused by the first problem. Then you run Fix Songs a number of times against this album (FixSongsReport00025 - FixReports00029) to try and fix the file rename issue but you have got Rename files based on metadata set to No so it will not try to rename the files.

When you run Create Support Files it only sends the last 5 reports so I cannot see first run of Fix Songs against this album so could you please run Fix Songs against Having a Party With Jonathan Richman album one more time, but with Rename files based on metadata set to Yes, if matched to release, and then immediately afterwards resend the support files this should help pinpoint the issue.