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Watch folder seems to have stopped working

I have set up a Watch folder on the Melco and as SongKong deals with the folders put in there it moves them either to a folder ready to check with JaikOz - if it has processed it, or a different one if it it can’t process it. This has been working well - but suddenly it has stopped and I am just getting a screen as on the attachment

I would like some help to get it working again as it was a really good way of developing the library -

many thanks


Sorry this is the correct folder image

but again as I drop folders with files into this - nothing is happening any more - though it did work before

well I have rebooted and all seems to be working again??! The odd thing is though is that after moving the folder into its new position it is leaving a blank parent folder (with the same name) in the original position - not the end of the world but nice if I could sort that

Many thanks


I noticed recently that the progress bars did not seem to be updating even though SongKong was working, I wonder if this is the issue.

I think this because it is not moving the folder, it is moving files within the folder but yo are right would be good if this could be cleared up.

Hi Paul
The bars were moving before I last updated SongKong for Melco - Is there anything I can do here or are you looking at the programme at your end - if so I will stop worrying until you have sorted it!


Hi yes I will be looking at this once I have got the Jaikoz Windows and Linux installers fixed for new version.

great - thanks Paul