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Watch folder seems to have stopped working

I have set up a Watch folder on the Melco and as SongKong deals with the folders put in there it moves them either to a folder ready to check with JaikOz - if it has processed it, or a different one if it it can’t process it. This has been working well - but suddenly it has stopped and I am just getting a screen as on the attachment

I would like some help to get it working again as it was a really good way of developing the library -

many thanks


Sorry this is the correct folder image

but again as I drop folders with files into this - nothing is happening any more - though it did work before

well I have rebooted and all seems to be working again??! The odd thing is though is that after moving the folder into its new position it is leaving a blank parent folder (with the same name) in the original position - not the end of the world but nice if I could sort that

Many thanks


I noticed recently that the progress bars did not seem to be updating even though SongKong was working, I wonder if this is the issue.

I think this because it is not moving the folder, it is moving files within the folder but yo are right would be good if this could be cleared up.

Hi Paul
The bars were moving before I last updated SongKong for Melco - Is there anything I can do here or are you looking at the programme at your end - if so I will stop worrying until you have sorted it!


Hi yes I will be looking at this once I have got the Jaikoz Windows and Linux installers fixed for new version.

great - thanks Paul


Hi @MarkThomason

Okay I have found a regression in SongKong 6.9.5 which prevents the progress bars updating when run Fix Songs, but it should have no effect on Watch Songs, so maybe your problem was with Fix Songs?

I have now fixed it and made it available as a test release, will be labelled SongKong 6.10 (but is not final SongKong 6.10 release). If you would like to try it please follow instructions here

Hi Paul

Hi Paul
Started to do this – but then stumbled at the “Create a new file caller SongKong.test”. Sorry but I cant work out how to create such a blank file on the Mac!! Can you help please - I created a blank songkong.test file but as it is on a Mac it is probably songkong.test.rtf and therefore doesn’t work. thanks


Just right click on the file in Finder and select Rename and rename accordingly.

I have done that but when I go back to the OLE on the Melco - it says there is no new version - so I am a bit stuck (esp as the watch folder seems to have stopped working again)

Can you post a screenshot showing the files location in Finder, in case something is wrong.

Hi Paul - here is a screenshot as requested

And your current version is still 6.9.5, dont understand why this would not trigger finding 6.10 when check from OLED !

Yes the current version is 6.9.5 (and it said no new versions)

Paul could it be that that SongKong.test file is still actually SongKong.test.rtf (after renaming) with the Mac OS just not showing the .rtf?

Maybe, looking at your screenshot if you click on the icon to the left of the one you have selected (the one with four horizontal lines) you can then right click on the header and select Kind you can then see if is listed as RTF Document, if so it is wrong.

Then instead of using Rename on the file, select Get Info this shows the whole name and extension in the sensibly named Name & Extension field and you can edit it there.

Paul that seem to have definitely been the problem getting 6.10 to load! I have now done this and left it all for around 30 mins to make sure was ready. I have dropped the first music folder into the Watch folder - and it has been processed and moved to the appropriate new folder - As you can see though the bars are not indicating that anything is or has happened -

I have dropped in a second folder of music now and again the bars are not moving - so you don’t (in real time) know if anything is happening. After along 10 mins the music folder was moved to its correct new site after being processed - so this part seems to be working

Hope this helps with the diagnostics