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Unmatched files, issue with adding [HD] and (Flac) format to files and directories


I now have a large number of files (~6000) that are piling up as unmatched. I have been moving these into an “unmatched” folder as I have been importing for the past few months. I think that the files that I have spot checked have sufficient metatag data to perform what I want to do and from reading the FAQs it appears that I should be able to perform what I am trying but I am not able to get it to work with unmatched files (it works fine when matched).

I would like to add the [HD] (where applicable) and (Flac) identifiers to the file and album directory name and then move them into my main library (this is a lot of files to process by hand). I have tried this using SongKong remote on Linux and also SongKong on my MacBook Pro, neither have been successful.

Some key settings that I am using already that you will probably want to know about…

Rename files based on metadata = Yes if it has metadata
Add Audio Format to release title = Selected
Add [HD] to album title for High Definition albums (Pro or Melco license only) = Selected
Move Folder = %correct path%
Move Unmatched Folder = %unmatched path% or %test path%

Once I am comfortable with this I will modify the unmatched path to point to my library.

Can you tell me what I am missing here?


So [HD] and (Flac) identifiers will only get added to the album field when the album name is updated, and the album name will only be updated when the album has been matched to a MusicBrainz or Discogs release, so are these albums being matched to MusicBrainz/Discogs. I assume not and you have disabled as you say they already have sufficient metadata ?

Whereas the Is_hd metadata field will be added to all hd songs at the end of a Fix Songs run for all songs, because this does not depend on an album match as is_hd is worked out from looking at your actual audio file. is_hd can be used in a filename mask by selecting a rename mask that uses the is_hd field. But we do currently have a bug because is_hd is added after the rename file from mask code, so you have to run Fix Songs twice, but this is now fixed for next release -

In my answer I am guessing a little, would be helpful if you could run Create Support Files so I can look at your report.

Thank you Paul, I will put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with. I might be able to batch process everything command line. I’m thinking of pulling some reports, manipulating things in Excel using substitute, join and other trickery and then perform the operation in a safe environment.

The bug I refer to is now fixed in Song Kong 6.12, but Im not sure you have do anything so complicated you can just use the is_hd field (or probably better to use addHD() function ) and the audioformat field to create a suitable rename mask.

See screenshot