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Unable to Verify License on Windows with Norton 360 Anti Virus

Today I have problem with verifying license -

I have Norton 360 but I already reseted my rules, set all 3 SongKong exe as allowed and still nothing. Can you help me what I should add as a rule or how run program without checking my license online?
Thanks in advance.

So did you install Norton 360 today, server was shutdown for a just a few minutes to do new Jaikoz release could it be just clashed with that, have you retried ?

I installed Norton 360 earlier, about 6 weeks ago, but I am not sure If I used SongKong since then (but rather I did for single albums). I restarted app few times, rebooted PC, entered license strings again and allowed program in firewall. Also I disabled VPN, which shouldn’t be the case (original IP from Poland ->to Germany).
My firewall rules:

“Zezwalaj” mean “allow”.
Norton have blocked more protocols but it shouldn’t be case when I just shutting down firewall to test it.

If you provide me with address or IP that I need to ping I can check if it works. Also if it possible I can try to install SongKong on my other PC, where I don’t have Norton, but I don’t know if it is possible with license key.

Or shoul I reset my license in other way? Re-install?

You wouldn’t be the first to have problems with firewalls, but license is checked against, and you can install SongKong on upto three computers concurrently so yo can install on yor other computer.

Ping works:

I installed it on other computer with Norton 360 and it works just fine…but it is my NUC for Roon, so I shouldn’t run there heavy load apps. I tried to re-install it on main PC but I can’t remove settings and after re-installation I still have same license and last scanned folders in history - can you provide me with info how I can make “clean installation” - which files I should manually delete or which reg key?
In meantime I will try to remove windows firewall rules, but it should be overwritten by Norton firewall rules which default are good on other PC.

I uninstalled Norton 360, reseted my windows firewall, disabled it, no VPN and still not working on this PC. I can’t do more than that. Please provide me with info how I can make clean install to remove all program data (what junk files are left after uninstal), I think that I have problem with local license.

Hi, on WIndows on first startup config, logs and database are created in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SongKong

If you uninstall SongKong then delete that folder (replace username with your name) SongKong will be removed.

Nope, solution is not working. With new release, clearing data, reinstall it is still the same. Firewall rules cleared, norton disabled. Are you using specific port/protocol for checking license?

EDIT: I found a solution to my problem. It was propably caused by NordVPN - in diagnostic tool I run “Network Flush” which helped. Propably some buggy change from NordVPN. I hope…

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