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Unable to verify licence


I’ve purchased SongKong Yesterday. It was working fine. Today the app crashed, after my macbook went to sleep. I had to “force quit” SongKong because it was not responding. Then after restarting SongKong I’m getting a message: “Unable to verify licence, please ensure your firewall is not preventing access to the SongKong server at” After clicking okay, the message appears again with an option to re-enter licence key. This action leads back to the first message. Then after clicking “ok” a second time, the app closes.

I’ve removed the app from my laptop, completely reversed the installation, then re-installed, but my problem persists.

I’m running SongKong a macbook pro with macos 11.5.2, internet is working fine. Firewall is not enabled.

I need some assistance please.

I have the same issue with 7.6 after SongKong has been working for years. I even disable the firewall to no avail.

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Update: I’ve installed a proxy on my laptop to see what is going wrong. It seems the licensing server is responding with a 500. I’ve included the error:

Hi , we have just moved to a new server in order to support https, but something wrong with config, working on it now.

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Thanks! All the best, hopefully it can easily be fixed.

Hi, all working again.

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Confirmed it’s all working again. Thanks!!

So the good news is that the main website now supports https, you can check this by trying out the SongKong or Jaikoz link at the top of this page.

What we havent managed to do yet is have http links to automatically redirect to https, this is because the server redirects we were using caused a problem for license verifaction for our applications, so still workign on a solution for this.


Have had to temporarily revert back to old server because there is an issue with the inbuilt Melco Audio Server SongKong Installer when run against the new jthink server, hopefully should be able to swap back to new server next week.

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