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"Unable to load Java Runtime Environment" problem - SongKong not starting

Hi all,
I’m trying to run SongKong 10.4.5 Amnesiac on my MacBook Pro 2015 (macOS Monterey Version 12.7.4) but keep getting the error message “Unable to load Java Runtime Environment” when trying to start the app.

Yes, I’ve downloaded the correct version of SongKong (Intel-version). I also tried to install the latest version of JRE manually, downloading JRE directly from Oracle - changed nothing.

I’ve found this same issue in older posts and in the past it was usually related to users trying to run either the intel-version of SongKong on a M1 Mac or the m1-version on an intel-mac (in other words: they used the wrong Mac-version of SongKong). This is not the case here but still I can’t get SongKong running.

Any ideas?


Hi, there was issue in 10.4.4 with Intel version, you probably have that version.

Please try downloading again, the 10.4.5 version for Intel was only released a few minutes ago.

Thanks Paul, that did the trick!

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