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Tutorial: Manual Edit


Although SongKong main focus is automated matching it also provides manual editing and automatic editing capabilities

Whilst there are many tagger editors already available for manual tag editing there are some major advantages to using SongKong:

  • If you are already using SongKongs automatic matching then you can use a single application for all your music metadata tasks, and manual edit understands the same fields so there are no compatibility problems.

  • Manual editing is available in remote mode (as well as desktop mode) so you can edit your metadata remotely via a web-browser. This is very useful if you have SongKong running on a less accessible machine such as a Linux server.

  • Like other tasks after each manual edit session SongKong creates a report so you have a record of exactly what has been changed.

  • SongKong saves all changes to a database so that you can use Undo Fixes in exactly the same way as you can do for automatic edits.

If we select a folder containing music files then that folder is loaded, if we select our complete music folder then just the first subfolder containing music will be selected. The editor has a series of tabs for different types of metadata with each row representing a song, it opens on the Options tab.