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Tutorial:Delete Duplicates, Example


When we start Delete Duplicates we get a progress window like all the other tasks.

A Duplicate group means multiple songs have the same key

Duplicate songs deleted indicates how many songs have actually been deleted

Songs are loaded folder by folder, and each song in folder is checked to see if it has a duplicate key with any songs already loaded, if so the song that fails to best meet the preferred criteria is deleted or moved. So songs are deleted as Delete Duplicates runs instead of checking all songs and deleting at the end.

Once Delete Duplicates has completed it shows the report. It lists all artists that we have duplicates for

Then if we select an artist we see the albums that have duplicates

And if we select an album we see the duplicates

In this case we see a common scenerio where we have simply copied a folder and have two copies of each file. The files are identical, the only difference is the Folder Creation Date so with the default criteria we keep the files within the original E:\Music\Simple Minds\Real Life folder and remove the files in the copy E:\Music\Simple Minds\Real Life(1)

We are using the strictest duplicate option - Same MusicBrainz song and same album (specific version e.g. same country/date) and sounds the same and we can select the duplicate key to see what the songs were matched on.

You can select the Real Life/Real life key to see the matching MusicBrainz album

We can see the 021a85bd-b471-4d94-aa86-a908e2f22240 link to see the common Acoustid

Because we are only running in Preview mode we provide links in the browser to play the songs.