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Tutorial: Classical Music Options for MinimServer


If we are playing music on proper hi-fi system and have our music stored on a server such as the Melco Digital library then the most common way to do this is using UPnP Audio (An alternative system is Roon).

uPnP AV has three main components

  1. Media Server for serving the music
  2. Media Renderer is the hardware that actually outputs the music
  3. Media Controller for controlling playback of music

Currently we recommend MinimServer as the best uPnP server, and this has particular strengths for Classical Music. Because of this we have some classical music options for MinimServer customers.

Add Composer to start of Overall Work

The Overall Work field is used by MinimServer for indexing Classical Works
When using MinimServer uPNP server to play your classical music enabling this option will show the composer as part of the work name in the Work index. This can be very useful for distinguishing between completely different works with very similar names composed by different composers

Add Composer to start of MinimServer Group

MinimServer uses the Group field for playing complete works. When you play a Classical work with MinimServer enabling this option will show the composer when you play the group corresponding to the work. This can be very usual for distinguishing between completely different works with very similar names written by different composers. Because MinimServer only allows groups for work containing multiple contiguous movements enabling this option also includes adding the composer to title if the work has no movements.

Opera Work Format

Whereas the majority of classical music consists of Work and Movement Operas usually have three levels Act, Work and Movement. This is achieved by SongKong and MinimServer by using Overall Work for Act and Work for Work with Opera Work Format set to Use MinimServer format (Work/Overall Work). Alternatively it can be set to Use Roon format (Section/Work) for compatablity with Roon.

MinimServer Profile

SongKong comes with a MinimServer profile, this is similar to the Default profile but also defines these MinimServer options plus a few others