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SongKong 10.4.4 Amnesiac released 25th March 2024

SongKong 10.4.4 Amnesiac released, this fixes a regression in the webui that can prevent Fix Songs from running.

Release notes - SongKong - 10.4.4


SONGKONG-2575 REGRESSION:When using WebUI FixSongs not running if enabled Other Artwork option

Hi Paul, after upgrading to 10.4.4 (on Intel macOS Sonoma 14.3.1) I get the message “Cannot load Java runtime environment” instead of loading SongKong. I even downloaded Java, but that didn’t help. Is there a way to downgrade to 10.4.3 which worked fine?

Have you downloaded the M1 version by mistake instead of the Intel version?

No. I download it again to be sure, but it still cannot load Java.

I have same issue (mac os sonoma), only get cannot load Java runtime… prompt

Yep, looking at it now. We had to change build process for 10.4 3 because Apple no longer support altool for notarization, and my Intel mac too old for new notarytool so notarization part now done on m1 machine. But this worked OK for 10.4.3 Intel build so not sure what went wrong for 10.4.4

In the meantime can get an earlier version for Intel from here

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MacOS Intel issue now resolved with new SongKong 10.4.5 release

Release notes - SongKong - 10.4.5


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